The Zombie is a type of monster found in Kid Mystic, Dr. Lunatic, Loonyland: Halloween Hill, Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese, and Sleepless Hollow. They are primarily Badguy-, Spooky- and Zombie-class monsters.

Some of their features that makes them easily distinguishable from other monsters include their relatively slow movement speed, stumbling manner of movement, gray-skinned bodies, outstretched arms, visible red tongue, yelling for the player's brains and subsequently attempting to flatten him with a body slam attack, and dropping a single Brain when defeated.

Zombies are also the "base product" of other monsters like the Super Zombie and the Super Duper Zombie.

Zombie (Dr. Lunatic) Edit



Dr. Lunatic Monster
Dr. Lunatic
Name: Zombie
HP: 20
Scan Text: The classic Zombie. Couldn't be much easier to defeat, and they even cry out for "brraaiinnsss" and leap at your head. I like these guys - their stumbling gait, the way they sound, their lolling tongue. Yes, I am pleased with my zombies. One day I'll look back at my pathetic wreck of a career and say "But boy, I made some nice zombies."Though I tried for a while, I could not come up with a clever name for Zombies. Besides, they figure so prominently into the game's 'plot' that I didn't think I should.
Category: Badguy/Spooky/Zombie
Recolored?: None
Miscellaneous Info: Will always drop brains when defeated (in addition to whatever other item has been assigned to them).

Zombie (Kid Mystic) Edit

Kid Mystic Monster
Kid Mystic
Name: Zombie
HP: 20
Ranged Damage: N/A
Melee Damage: 10 (up to *10)
XP: 150
Description: Lumbers slowly and lunges at you. Note that the attack hits multiple times, up to 10, for a total possible damage of 100. This means that defense affects it more than if all the damage was in one hit.

This version does not drop Brains or Mystical Orbs