Woody Woodsman.

Woody Woodsman is a friendly woodsman living in Eisburg in Loonyland 2: Winter Woods.

In the beginning of the game's story, he finds Loony, who has collapsed in a blizzard, and takes him into his care; he is therefore the first NPC in the game to talk to the player, and his home is the starting point of Loony's adventure. Loony also receives his first axe and parka from him.

He is also the first Quest giver, and will teach Loony the Axe Mastery Skill, as well as sharpen his axe later in the game, enabling the player to cut down dead trees and reach locations that were inaccesible before.

Quests Edit

The following Quests are given to the player by this NPC:

Quest Name Reward Task Requirements
Wood You Help? 100 XP, Axe Mastery Skill Find 10 Logs None
The Sharpest Tool 100 XP, Woody will sharpen your axe for free once, and for 50 coins subsequently Find Sharpening Stone Complete Wood You Help?. Requires Shovel

Quotes Edit

  • "Hey, you're up and moving! I found you out in the snow. You're lucky - you would've frozen to death if I hadn't! Come talk to me when you feel up to it." (first words to the player)

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