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Quest Name: Wood You Help?
Reward(s): 100 XP, Axe Mastery Skill
Location: Woody's Hut, Eisburg
Task: Find 10 Logs
Game Description: Collect 10 Logs from wooden monsters and bring them to Woody Woodsman, and he will teach you Axe Mastery
NPC Name: Woody Woodsman
Requirements: None

Quest dialogueEdit


"Great! Now that you're feeling better, could you help me out? It's been getting oddly colder lately, and I spent so much time feeding you soup, I haven't managed to collect enough firewood. I gave you my old axe and parka, so that should be all you need. Just one thing... This forest is a national park, so don't chop down any trees! You'll need to find another source of wood... Once we've warmed up a little, maybe I'll teach you a thing or two about using that axe!"

Early returnEdit

"Brrr... have you gotten enough wood yet?"

Upon completionEdit

"Oh, thank you! This should tide us over a while. We've never had a winter this bad before, it's strange! Now let me show you a few tricks with your axe!"


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