Wee Ninja
If the Wee hits the floor, it will break! Catch it!


Wee Ninja

Year: 2006
Competition: LD 08: Swarms
Postcompo: Not Updated
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Download: Here

Wee Ninja is a free game made by Hamumu Software, released July 2006. In the game, you beat up shoppers with your Wee controllers to try to get a Wee console, which there are only 4 of.

Story Edit

Nantucko Entertainment made a mistake. No, it wasn't naming their new game console "The Wee." It was offering 2 free Wee controllers with every preorder. Only shipping 4 consoles on launch day might be a close second, though. Now with your controllers wired together into a deadly controller-chaku, YOU are the Wee Ninja. Go collect your preorder. Let none oppose your wee might!!

Gameplay Edit

Gameplay consists of you, as the Wee Ninja, running around trying to get a Wee in 6 different levels, all taking place in different electronic stores. In each of these 6 levels, you use your controllers to kill the other shoppers and grab a Wee. You then have to run to a checkout counter to purchase your Wee and win the level.

If, while carrying the Wee and a shopper hits you, the Wee will fly up in the air, and the game will enter "Wee Time", where everything moves at half speed. You then try to catch the Wee again as it comes down. The other shoppers can also grab it. If no one grabs it, the Wee breaks, and you have to find another one. If all 4 Wees break or get bought by other people, you lose the level.

You start off a level with 10 hearts. You lose a heart each time a shopper hits you. Lose all your hearts, and you lose the level.

You can also acquire Mad Skillz through the course of the game. These help you in your quest to get a Wee. They are:

Mad Skillz Edit

  • Real Ultimate Power Flip out like ninjas are supposed to do! Do more damage with attacks.
  • Eagerness You really want that Wee! Move faster while carrying one.
  • Ninja Focus Do not be distracted by flying objects. Move full speed during Wee Time.
  • Bean Burrito Bean Burritos served in the Food Court! Dropped shoppers explode on impact.
  • Death Chucks Focus all your chi... Your smash attack is now fatal! Very!
  • Ninja Block You're sick of being beaten down, so you're going to try blocking now.
  • Sonic Blast Your weapons emit deadly sonic waves, increasing their effective range.

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