Water World
Name: Water World
Author: BP
Release Date: Unknown
Requires: Supreme
Filename: waterworld.dlw
Water World guides

A world that was made by BP that came packaged in Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese, unlocked by purchasing it from Pier 2.

How Go i Get the Brains?Edit

Just mash the Zombies first, then take the rafts until one spawns to the land outside,then collect the Brains and Candles and leave.

Brain Path Edit

Just make a dash while grabbing all the Brains and Candles while not falling into the water and leave.

Just a Little River Rafting!! Edit

Just raft about, beating Badguys,which will progressively unlock the parts of the level, then collect the Brains and Candles when done and go home.

Put the monsters to work Edit

(Had trouble trying to get the Thingie to cooperate, so i cheated through this smallish level. It's a level where you have to lure monsters to flip switches for you to unlock the gates for you)

Water,Water,Water (Pumpkin Keychain) Edit

Just mash the badguys first, then take the rafts around,getting Keys,unlocking doors,collecting Candles until you get the Green Key to unlock the door to the Brains.

Before you leave the level with the Brains, make sure to step to the furthest end to warp to the Pumpkin Keychain.

Choose the right Doors!(Rocket Keychain) Edit

Actually, whether or not you choose the doors doesnt matter,although the right doors is the one on the far right.

Because you need to get the Candles and the Rocket Keychain in the level anyway.

For the Rocket Keychain, it's at a spawned raft at the moss section of the level activated by a switch.

Once you have gathered everything, just leave.

How do I get out of here? (Hammer Keychain) Edit

How do i get out of here map

Huge Level, but just the usual of gathering Brains and Candles, mashing badguys. Note where the Hammer Keychain is, hidden behind a secret wall to be carted to.

Villages on the Water Edit

Like the previous level, just raft around the level, getting keys,mashing badguys,grabbing Brains and Candles and finish.

Shift in Tides(Squash Keychain) Edit

Just mash all the badguys,grab the keys, grab Candles and Brains.

For the Squash keychain, it's spawn by a switch near the level exit at the final land deadish map swap.

Secret Waters (Secret Level) Edit

Like previous levels, just raft around the level, getting keys,mashing badguys,grabbing Brains and Candles and finish.

Pumpkins in the Water (Keychain Level) Edit

Just make sure to mash all the badguys,grab the Candles and Brains,then you can leave.

Water Bosses! Edit

Just your usual boss bash level, except with rafting around.

Tsunami! Edit

You need to get the Key of Lunacy at the hub to enter this level.

Pretty much just a Boss Battle with the Dust Devil with special weapons scattered about the place.Just mash him and grab the Candles and leave.

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