Wacky Woods
Name: Wacky Woods
Author: Hamumu
Release Date: Unknown
Requires: Supreme
Filename: wackywoods.dlw
Wacky Woods guides

A world that was made by Hamumu that came packaged in Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese, unlocked by purchasing it from JCPiney.

A Machete will spawn in the Hub once enough level have been cleared, allowing the player to get the Hammer Keychain.

The Pumpkin Keychain in the Hub can be obtained via hitting the hedge for a hidden pathway to getting it.

The Rocket Keychain in the Hub can be obtained once the Key of Lunacy have been obtained.

The Squash Keychain is hidden at the top right corner of the level.

The cellsEdit

Just grab the firepower,flip the switches, watch out for Vampires and Spikey,mash the badguys and get the Brains and Candles and go home.

Holy Floor! Edit

Watch out as the floor will crumble below you outside the grass patches, so before you grab the Brains (especially the last two), when you reach this point, stay on the grass patch and hammer away at the Magic Lamps blocking the way.

Holy Floor
Regarding the Candles, i advise cheating with the Walk on Water and kill all 3 Magic Lamps on a seperate playthrough and getting them then, too hard to gather all of them the first time.

Mushy Stuff Edit

You have to deal with 3 Mush the Shrooms at once with only limited firepower, but with a Particle Accelerator.

Kill them all and get the Brains and Candles and go.

Escape From The PotEdit

Quickly pickup the Flimsy Spears and hit the exit of the "Pot" to escape,but before you leave, kill the Jalapeno,then start killing the Pygmies,then grab the Yellow,Brains and Candle and go home.


Watch your step, and quickly make it carefully over to the stash of weapons, which i recommend the Big Axe due to it's range and start killing the Magic Lamps.Once they are all gone, the Candle and a Raft will spawn.

To get the Candle,you need to take the Raft a bit further,but otherwise, just take the Raft to the Hollow Tree level exit.

Monkey BusinessEdit

Just mash Kongor,kill all the Pygmies,then get the Candles outside the boss battle arena, then go home.

Mystical MazeEdit

(I understand if you choose to cheat through this level, i did, the flipping maze mechanic was just too complicated to figure out, especially the part to get the Brain.)

Keep On Movin'Edit

(I advise dedicating a playthrough of this level to just getting the Candles, then another one to solving it.)

Just mash the Pygmies, grab the Brains and quickly finish before the floor collapses beneath you.

One Way Maze Edit

(Too difficult to solve for me, i just cheated through it.)

Big Zombies, Small Level Edit

(I recommend cheating through this one, because crumbling floor tiles levels are pretty tough to deal with legitimately.)

To go to the Secret Level The North Wind, you have to step on all the lighter tiles where the Candles were and then the level exit will change into an Igloo,Grab all the Brains and you will go there.

The North Wind (Secret Level) Edit

Just mash Jack Frost and his minions, get the Brain he drops and the Candles in the level and finish.

Perfectly Safe Edit

(Un)Like what the level title says, once you try to make it over to the level exit, you will be horded by lots of Spooky Ghosts and Cryozoids.

I recommend moving about to try surviving until the firepower arrives, THEN USE YOUR RAGE TO SURVIVE AND KILL THEM.

Oh and remember to kill the Cryozoid at your starting point for the Candle and then finish.

A Switch or Two Edit

Switch or Two

SSHHHHHH!!!! (Secret Level) Edit

Just mash all the tiny monsters, bash the Vampire for his Candle, grab the Brain and go home.


Careful because you are unarmed and there are Zoids all over the level, but once you get your Hammer Up, then start mashing,then get the Machete and chop as little Grasses as you can to the Level Exit, because they will change into Candles when you reach there.You need 40 Candles to complete.

Zombies Aren't Dangerous Edit

(NOTE: I had to cheat through this level, because the Brain count seems to be bugged/inacurrate,despite me collecting all the Brains in the smallish level)

Zoid In A Hole (Key of Lunacy) Edit

Just mash all the Zoids, then flip the switch and kill all the Vampires to get the Candles and the Key of Lunacy)

Merely Boneheads Edit

Just mash the Boneheads, then the 2 Richie Liches and then grab the Brains and Candles and finish.

Unhealthy Competition Edit

Ok, it's a rather tight level with 2 Centipumpkins and 2 Mush the Shrooms which will be chasing you throughout.

First, i advise you to.....QUICKLY RUN TO THE HAMMER UPS!

Then try to make to the Pants of Power, then mash them all down,then get all the Brains,the food will become Candles once all enemies are dead. Then finish.

(This is Regardless of random enemy weapon drop, because that is unreliable)

Le Finale Edit

Just mash the Countesses and grab the Candles and go home.

Punkin Patch (Keychain Level) Edit

First off, obviously, run and grab the Hammer Up and away from the Pumpkinstein and Robopumpkin, then start working your way to getting the other powerups, then come back to deal with them.Collect all the Brains and Candles and finish.

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