Wacky WizardEdit

Wacky Wizard

Wacky Wizard

Dr. Lunatic Monster
Dr. Lunatic
Name: Wacky Wizard
HP: 200
Scan Text: Another of the in-joke names, this guy was tough to come up with. But he's not a friendly Santa Claus!! He's a WIZARD! And he's WACKY! He's also very powerful. Use him sparingly in your levels, as he can take out most enemies pretty handily. He's about equivalent to a Super Zombie. When he shoots those big bullets, those are supposed to be his deadly eyebeams - there's two of them and they come from his eyes down to the floor. He also randomly uses a Reflect Shield when hit.
Category: Goodguy/Wacky/Human
Recolored?: yes, from red to blue. See its evil clone, Santa Claus.
Miscellaneous Info: It has similar graphics to Santa Claus, except it's red and instead of using cartoon violence he uses whatsit bullets and a shield to protect himself from incoming attack.

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