Dr. Lunatic Monster
Dr. Lunatic
Name: Traffic
HP: 200
Scan Text: Don't play in traffic! It'll mow you down like crabgrass. This enemy works like a Roly Poly, except instead of going until it hits a wall, it follows a set path of tiles (ones marked 'Minecart Path'). This particular version turns clockwise if given a choice. This is one of the very few enemies that is dangerous to both goodguys and badguys.
Category: Badguy/Vehicle/trap/Urban
Recolored?: none
Miscellaneous Info: Hurts goodguys and badguys.

There is a clone of it, it has the same dynamics but it's blue and it goes in a counter-clockwise direction. The clones name is Traffic:Counter-Clockwise. Pretty self-explanetory, nothing to fancy...

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