Loonyland 2 Skills
Passive Attack
Defense Axe Mastery
Energy Stun
Toughness Bash
Survival Critical
Dodge Persuasion
Training Flame
Strength Vampirism
Endurance Parry
Tracking Stomp
Luck Whirl
Throwing Air Strike
Piercing Static
Homing Shatter
Triple Poison
Ricochet Axe Trap
Nature Fire
Shroom Burninate
Stone Spike Ignite
Brambles Toasties
Lifeberries Heat Shield
Wind Ice
Shock Orb Restoration
Berserk Cryozoid
Gale Cold Wave
Tornado Ice Cube
Bone Bomb
Huhskill Loonyland 2 Skill
Loonyland 2 > Skills
Game Description: A true woodsman is aware of every snapped twig and rustling branch. Not being a true woodsman, you can just look at the big glowing dots around the edges of the screen to find monsters. Finds other stuff at high levels.

(Range and accuracy increase with level)

Element: Passive
Location: In the north-east of Gruesome Gardens
Cost: N/A
Achievement for level 15 skill: Woodsman
Related Talents: None.

Other Stuff: Getting the Tracking skill to the appropriate levels (or higher) allows you to find more than just enemies:

Level 3: Allies (blue dot), including NPCs, friendly troops, and Bok Boks.

Level 4: Herbs (green dot)

Level 5: Mining cracks (brown dot)

Level 6: Items (yellow dot), including presents and unopened chests

Level 7: Exits (purple dot); detects the glowing orb item and the up/down steam vents

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