The Tomb of Darkness is the most confusing maze, because of the pervasive darkness that covers everything. It also holds annoying Deadheads, purple Boneheads that don't stay dead and chase you forever while interfering with your puzzle solving. They require the Bonecrusher to kill, so your best choice is probably to run away and try to get them stuck behind corners for long enough to get stuff done.

Required puzzles Edit

There are two puzzles on each side of the tomb that are required to unlock the Planetsmasher, for a total of four.

On the left is the Maze of Madness, whose exit is on the upper left corner. The Maze is totally dark, unlike the only mostly dark rest of the tomb, but there are four silver blocks in the middle that light up to show which way you can move.

There's another puzzle on the left. <missing data>

On the right is the moving light cylinder puzzle. It's dark like the Maze, but stepping on a particular silver tile at the beginning of the puzzle generates a cylinder of light that moves quickly but changes direction to wherever you're facing. You have to guide the cylinder of light through the puzzle to light up the path and get through.

Also on the right is the OPEN SESAME puzzle. There are four switches next to four letter tiles. One of the switches flips the order of the tiles, two of them change all the tiles to the next letter in the alphabet and the previous letter in the alphabet respectively, and the last one changes the second tile to the next letter in the alphabet.

Optional puzzles Edit

South of the light cylinder puzzle is a watery room with lamps that can be lit with the Sparkthrower. This gives a candle.

Secrets Edit

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