The Arena

Tina's Arena is located in the north-east of the Terrible Tundra in Loonyland 2: Winter Woods. You can pay money to enter arena matches, with cash prizes. Monsters defeated in the arena do not drop any items or money, but you still get XP for them, and actions performed in arena matches may raise your talents.

Gladiator TalentEdit

Loonyland 2 Talent
Loonyland 2 > Talents
Effect: allows access to matches of the talent's level and below.
Levels up by: Winning Arena matches.
Location: Tina's Arena
Game Description: Prove your skills at fightin' round the world! This talent has one effect: It shows Tina at the battle arena just how tough you are, so she'll let you enter harder matches.
Level 10 achievement: When in Rome

Arena ModifierEdit

Gained by getting all the achievements in the tenth column. When used, this makes Arena battles pay 5x as much and earn 5x as much XP, but you earn no XP or money outside the Arena.


You enter matches by speaking to Tina Tsarina. At the start of each match your health, magic and stamina bars are filled completely, though you are restored to your original health, magic and stamina when you finish a match.

Name Description Monsters Cost Prize
Level 00
To The Pain Simple fight - Beat all monsters, you win. Die, you lose. Also, run out of time, you lose. Punch, Squeaker, Rat-A-Tat $10 $15
Don't Get Shot Title speaks for itself. Remain alive for 30 seconds for big prize. Rat-A-Tat $10 $15
The Hunt The monsters are easy... but can you find them all before time runs out? Punch $30 $40
Toy Trouble Stand strong against wave after wave of angry toys! 5 waves of enemies in this match. Squeaker, Punch. Rat-A-Tat, Cave Bear, Sock Monkey $40 $60
Sibling Rivalry Klonk's brother Klunk calls out a blood oath of revenge upon you! Are you chicken? 1 Klunk $60 $80
Level 01
Burly Brawl The puppets just keep on coming. Can you take them all? Punch, KO Punch $40 $60
Fancy Footwork We have flooded the arena floor to add to the excitement. Destroy them all! Punch, Rat-A-Tat $70 $100
The Maze of Death At least you know what you're getting into. Collect all the Souvenir Swords in time. Punch, Squeaker, Rat-A-Tat $80 $110
Infested The arena has a bit of a rat problem. So we are making it an event! Survive for 60 seconds! Squeaker $80 $110
Stronghold Guard the base as wave after wave of toys strike from every direction. Squeaker, Punch, Rat-A-Tat, Sock Monkey, Tinny Tim $100 $160
Level 02
Burlier Brawl WAY more puppets than before. Punch, Magic Hat, KO Punch $100 $160
Blunderdome You have only 20seconds to demolish all who oppose you. Good luck! Sock Monkey, Cave Bear $120 $200
Cold War The arena's been flooded again... but someone left the windows open all night! Ice Mice, Tinny Tim, Sock Monkey, Cave Bear $120 $200
It's Not Easy The would be no problem at all... if we didn't pump you full of deadly poison before the match. Cave Bear, Sock Monkey, Tinny Tim, Rat-A-Tat, Punch $140 $240
Sock It To Ya Are there monkeys? Terrible sock monkeys? Yes, there are. Sock Monkey, Stinky Sock $140 $240
Level 03
Klones For added fun, we have cloned Klunk. Sadly, the clones have mutant healing powers. Klunk $140 $240
Bear Room Brawl The room is filled with bears. It's a necessity that you slay them. Cave Bear, Teddy, Berserker Bear $160 $280
Garden of Pain Looks like the crops are coming up nicely this year. Can you put them back in the ground? Rosie O' Bomber, Stone Rose $160 $280
In the Army Now Guard the base, soldier! The evil tin army is invading! Tinny Tim, Tin Soldier $180 $320
Beyond Blunderdome It's like Blunderdome, only beyond. 30 seconds is he limit this time. Punch, Magic Hat, KO Punch $200 $400
Level 04
12 Monkeys You face the dreaded army of the 12 monkeys! Beware of their deadly virus. Stinky Sock $240 $360
The Cliffs of Insanity Relive the horrors of the Frosty Cliffs. This time on level ground. Teddy, KO Punch, Rosie O' Bomber $240 $380
Thuggin' Love Don't you just love guys with giant spiked maces? Don't let a single one hit you! Onion Thug, Bruiser $260 $400
They're All Ears Can you defeat an entire Snuggly Bunny horde without ever getting hit? Order Knight. Clockwork Robot $260 $400
Tag Team Team up with both Onion Thugs and Order Knights to hold off Bruisers and Clockbots. Bruiser, Clockwork Robot, Order Knight, Onion Thug $300 $500
Level 05
Factory Redux Did you miss the Toy Factory? It's back, and it's pollution is slowly killing you! Toymotron $300 $440
Monkey Business Protect the Arena Crystal from waves of rabid monkeys. Sock Monkey, Stinky Sock, Ghost Monkey, Shock Monkey, Arena Crystal $320 $480
Feeling Crabby We're miles from the ocean, yet still the crabs keep on coming. Rock Crab $340 $420
Red Claws Everyone loves Bodzhas! They're so cuddly, they'll cuddle your face right off. Bodzha, Dandy Lion, $360 $540
Knives & Stampedes Go mano a mano with the fiercest gun in the west (ern side of Winter Woods). Trigun $400 $600
Level 06
Ghostbusting The maze has become haunted. Cleanse it! Ghost, Ghost Dog, Ghost Monkey $400 $600
Ganging Up Sadly, the Onion Ring and The Order Of The Snuggly Bunny have teamed up to squish you. Onion Thug, Order Knight, Bruiser, Clockwork Robot $400 $600
The Crowd You have risen to great heights... now those you trod upon want their revenge! Squeaker, Punch, Rat-A-Tat, Sock Monkey, Tinny Tim, Cave Bear, Ice Hound, Teddy, Plague Rat, Klunk $400 $600
Junkyard Wars A group of local Junksmiths has entered the tournament. Trash them! Junksmith $440 $660
Caught Between Rock, meet hard place. You get in middle! Rock Crab, Stonewall $460 $680
Level 07
Quake Deathmatch Grab onto something, because the arena's shaking! Stonewall $480 $720
Reinfested It's not rats this time. Tin Soldier $500 $790
Holy Floor Battle beastly Bodhas burrowing briskly beneath your boots! Digger Bodzha $520 $760
Cold as Ice These foes are precisely as cold as ice. The floor is too. Ice Titan $540 $800
Titanica Titans big. You small. Titans win! Ice Titan, Titanic Titan $600 $900
Level 08
Save Tokyo! This is a re-enactment of a terrible battle that leveled a distant city. Thornpaw Lion, Gourdzilla $640 $940
We Don't Need 'Em Stinkin' Bodzhas! Keep the Arena Crystal safe from them. They seem to be attracted to crystals. Arena Crystal, Stinkin' Bodzha $680 $1000
Could Be Dandier I hope you don't have allergies. Defeat 6 waves of polleny friends! Dandy Lion, Thornpaw Lion, Burning Bush $700 $1040
Obstacle Course Explore our vast arena maze, seeking out the Souvenir Swords while enduring... obstacles. Turret $720 $1080
My, What Big Ears A new challenger has joined our proud arena, and it seems he is seeking revenge... Captain Capitan $760 $1160
Level 09
Big Bodzha Battle No waves, no timer, no tricks. Just every Bodzha from within 100 miles, all at once. Stinkin' Bodzha, Bodzha, Digger Bodzha $800 $1200
System Malfunction The prototype toys have malfunctioned and are running amok. Defend yourself! Prototype AQ40 $860 $1280
On Thin Ice The enemies aren't so tough. But you lose if they scratch you! Stonewall $900 $1360
Really Don't Get Shot You won't survive this. Save your money. Turret $960 $1400
Pot, Meet Kettle All you have to do is clear 10 waves. But somebody seems to be getting in the way! Grizzly, Tinpot General, Sock Gorilla, Many Mouse, Trigun, Stinkin' Bodzha $2000 $4000
Level 10
Not Just a Job One on one match against one of the top warriors of the arena! Hoo-ah! 1 Army Of One $4000 $5000
The Three Bears Watch out for these bears - they have an extremely vengeful nature! Wave 1: 3 Golden Bear, Wave 2: 100 Teddy $4200 $5200
Victory Garden In Winter Woods, garden has victory over you! Unless you win. Power Plant,1 Doom Daisy $4400 $5400
Gorka Park This one's just a walk in the park! A poisonous park full of mutants. Mutant Gorka $6000 $7200
The Championship You have proven yourself against all other foes. Now face the champion himself! 1 Killbor $10000 $12000
Bonus Matches
Hush Puppies You have 1 minute to slay as many Hot Dogs as you can. Prize money is paid per Dog. Hot Dog $8000 $200 per Hot Dog
Frigid Air Slay as many Iceboxes as you can in 1 minute. You earn the prize money for each one. Icebox $10000 $1600 per Icebox
Garden of Bleedin' Can you weed the garden in just one and a half minutes? Deathberry Bush, Rosie O' Bomber, Fruit Punch $12000 $14000
The Red Baron A dogfight with an ace necromancer. No holds barred, mano a mano. The Red Baron $14000 $17000
Ultimate Cage Match The title says it all (although there is no cage, so ignore that part). Klunk, Stone Rose, Stinky Sock, Ratatouille, Berserker Bear, Junksmith, Trigun, Gourdzilla, Captain Capitain, Ice Titan, Titanic Titan, Many Mouse, Grizzly, Turret, Tinpot General, Sock Gorilla, Mutant Gorka, Army Of One, Ghost, Killbor, Happy Stick Bird $20000 $40000