The Haunted Mansion
Name: The Haunted Mansion
Author: Hamumu
Release Date: Unknown
Requires: Supreme
Filename: mansion.dlw
The Haunted Mansion guides

A world that was made by Hamumu that came packaged in Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese, unlocked by purchasing it from Bones,Bats & Beyond.

Once Countess Hausaufgaben has been beaten, the Key of Lunacy is awarded at the Hub Level.

Vhat Do You Vant? Edit

Obviously,as you are unarmed, you have to quickly grab the Garlic to ward off the Vampires,collect the Brains and Candles while still under it's effect, then flee to the level exit and finish.

Lend A Hand Edit

Just mash the Lefties, grab the Brains and Candles and leave.

Strangely Empty.... Edit

Or not, as it turns out that the place is filled with Spooky Ghosts! Grab the Battle Axe and mash them all,grab the Brains and Candles and leave.

Vampires (Pumpkin Keychain) Edit

Obviously,as you are unarmed, you have to get around the level,avoiding vampires by garlic, while grabbing the Brains and Candles before you flee for the Level Exit.

Here's where the Pumpkin Keychain is in the level.

Vampires pumpkin keychain

Terror Hall Edit

Just a relatively routine level of mashing undead badguys,grabbing Keys and Brains.

Remember to check the fireplace for the Candle.

For the Secret Level Entrance, hit the bat portrait in the room where there were Boneheads and Zombies, the room after you get the Hammer with the Spooky Ghosts around the Red Key.

Imminent Doom (Secret Level) Edit

You are alone with a Doom Bunny in a room and you have to kill it to be able to leave the level.

Grab the Candles after it's dead and leave.

The Graveyard Edit

Just the usual routine of mash the badguys,grab the Brains,Keys,Candles,before going back home.

The Library Edit

Still the same routine of mash the badguys,grab the Brains,Key and Candles before you leave.

The Belfry Edit

Just a mini boss battle with Stan Glass. Mash him,grab the Candle and leave.

Choices (Rocket Keychain) Edit

It can be overwhelming due to so many rooms and Vampires, along with the lack of firepower,unless you know where to look,but it's doable.


Here's where the Rocket Keychain (and Candle is.) You need to mash all the Vampires and stand on that tile, which will cause the Candle to spawn, and standing on the tile will swap you to where the Rocket Keychain is,back and forth.

Choice rocket keychain

Stumblin' Around (Squash Keychain) Edit

Or not, with this map, just mash the Brains and Candles and leave.

Stumblin' Around

Hot Stuff (Hammer Keychain) Edit

Hot stuff

Otherwise, just the same routine, mash Badguys,grab Brains and Candles and leave.

Note the Hammer Keychain in the darkness where the Coffins are.

Mysterious Passages Edit

Due to the random nature of the map swapping, it's quite impossible to make a map or walkthrough for this particular level.

Still the same routine of mashing Badguys,grabbing firepower,Brains and Candles, so just keep trying at it until you are done.

Pumpkin Laboratory (Keychain Level) Edit

Just mash the Pumpkinstein,grab the Brains and Candles and leave.

Countess Hausaufgaben Edit

Just a boss bash with the Countess, just that you need to run about unlocking the firepower first before you mash her.

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