The Acronym Game (better known as T.A.G.) is a webgame created by Jamul and beta tested by many Hamumu Forum members.

In T.A.G., players have to come up with a string of words, phrases, or sentences that correspond to the theme and acronym given for the day, for instance, if the acronym given was K.O.C.M.C. and the theme given was "Tools", players should submit something that relates to the theme and acronym, such as "Klonking Opponents Could Mangle Clubs".

The game also features an option to invalidate entries submitted. An invalid entry is one that ignores the theme completely, does not follow the acronym, or is not family-friendly. While it is up to the individual to choose which entries to invalidate (he could invalidate all entries except his), entries will only be officially removed from the list of entries if ten players invalidate the same entry.

Here is an example which defines valid entries and invalid ones:

Theme: Relationships
Acronym: J.C.U.S


  1. Jamul Can't Unmarry Sol
  2. Jealous Couples Undergo Seperation
  3. Julius Caesar Undergoes Surgery
  4. Sister Culls Upset Junior

In this case, the first two submissions are valid; they follow the order of the acronym and are related to the theme, which is "relationships".

The third submission is invalid as it ignores the theme completely, although it follows the acronym. The fourth submission is invalid as well, as it does not follow the acronym.


The game has used these themes so far:

  • Advertising
  • Animals
  • Anything
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Food
  • Fun and Games
  • Government Agencies
  • High-Tech Devices
  • Historical
  • Home and Garden
  • In The Desert
  • Industry
  • Inventions
  • Literature
  • Medical
  • Movies
  • People
  • Plants
  • Relationships
  • Science Fiction
  • Something that Rhymes
  • Television
  • Tools
  • Transportation
  • Undersea

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