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HP, Armour, Damage for LL2 Teddy

Teddies are a type of monster in Loonyland 2: Winter Woods, where they are first seen in the Frosty Cliffs area. They were the first monsters to be shown in Sneak Peeks of the game, and prior to the game's release, their name was speculated to be "Teddy Scares".

They were also to appear in the cancelled Hamumu game The Adventures of Bouapha 3: Happyponygate London, Ontario[1].

Teddies in Loonyland 2 Edit

Loonyland 2 Monster
Loonyland 2: Winter Woods
Name: Teddy
HP: 20
Armor: 2
Damage: 7
Item Drops: Stuffing
Description: A brown teddy bear that fires two diagonal bullets.

Teddies in Happyponygate London, Ontario Edit

This game or project has been cancelled since 2nd November 2008. Details are available here.

Teddy Bears were officially stated to appear in Happyponygate London, Ontario and would presumably use the same (or similar) graphics as their Loonyland 2 counterparts. Their behaviour is unknown so far.

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