Storage Lockers are lockers that can be found in the SpisMall in Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese. Lockers contain money or unlockable secrets and can be opened using Keys Of Lunacy; each key can only be used to open a single locker. There are 50 Storage Lockers in the game, which contain the following things:

10% Discount Card for Bones, Bats & Beyond Nothing 10% Discount Card for Sputnik's 25 coins Disco Mode 75 coins Gallery Goal: Door Prize 10% Discount Card for Pier 2 1500 coins Happy Stick Man
TV Mode 5,000 coins World: Bouapha, HUD Inspector Nothing 2,222 coins Nothing 10% Discount Card for Cave and Peril World: TV Lunacy Nothing 250 coins
17 coins World: Blockbusters Nothing 10% Discount Card for JCPiney World: Sprungfield Gallery Goal: Other Door Prize Ludicrous Mode 10% Discount Card for Oddness Depot Gallery Goal: Locker Knocker Nothing
Gallery Goal: Lock Around the Clock 300 coins 10% Discount Card for G.A.C. Subliminal Mode Nothing Splatter Mode Nothing 10% Discount Card for Yeti Bauer World: Treasure Hunting 10% Discount Card for Kids We Be
Manic Mode Nothing 42 coins Dr. Lunatic 10% Discount Card for Cleopatra's Secret 2 coins Nothing 716 coins Nothing Handheld Mode

The demo contains 10 lockers instead, which contain the following things:

10% Discount Card for McDemo's Nothing
222 coins Splatter Mode
Nothing 17 coins
Gallery Goal: Locker Knocker 340 coins
Nothing 580 coins

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