Starey Bat

Dr. Lunatic Monster
Dr. Lunatic
Name: Starey Bat
HP: 15
Scan Text: I was really stuck for clever names for a new type of bat. The only good one I could think of was Baseball Bat, but I didn't want to have to draw a whole new one. So you get the Starey Bat. It's for use in puzzle type situations, or just to totally annoy the player. Unlike the Dust Devil, you can't overcome the psychic stare of the Starey Bat, so feel free to use it to completely block in the player. It works through walls, so you can make it invincible if you need to!
Category: Badguy/Animal/Flying/Spooky
Recolored?: Green Scary Bat
Miscellaneous Info: The starey bat stares at the player, pushing them away.

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