Spooky Forest! (also known as Spooky Forest on the world selection screen of the original game) is a Dr. Lunatic world made by Jamul. It is part of the original game, as well as Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese, appearing in updated ("supremized") form in the latter.

Being one of the original five worlds (the others being Icy Mountain, Dusty Desert, Cavernous Caves and the Crazy Asylum of Madness), it is part of the world selection globe in the original game and does not have to be accessed via selecting "Custom World". Beating it is a requirement to access the Crazy Asylum of Madness in the original game. In Supreme With Cheese, Spooky Forest! is one of the worlds selectable from the start, but is no different from other worlds in terms of significance.

Spooky Forest! also has the distinction of being the only playable world in the Dr. Lunatic demo (but not the Supreme With Cheese demo).


Spooky Forest! contains the following levels:

Name Description SWC only?
The River Mild Simple level built around a river with few tight passages. Picture No
Fumigation Level set in a multi-floored house full of spiders. No
Spidery Madness Very small level full of spider enemies. No
The Hedge Maze A maze made of hedges. No
Pygmy Village A village with Pygmies and a Mama Spider. No
Flashbacks Level without hammers in which the player has to use special weapons. No
Isle Of The Zombies Several islands connected through stepping stones. No
Matilda, Queen Of Chaos Matilda boss level. No
Wang's Fortune Cookie Factory Secret Level with Ninjabread Men. No
The Mud Flats Plain, open level in which the player has to hunt a Spitter to access all the Brains. No
Corpse Copse Small, circular level with Power-Ups hidden behind trees. No
Pumpkin Patch Keychain Level with Pumpkins. No
Wooded Path Very small and linear level with weak spider enemies. No
Sparkly Lake Very small level that has a pond with Aquazoids in its centre. No
That Neck Of The Woods Level split into four parts in which the player has to search for Keys. No
The Forest Shrine Level that can only be passed by finding several level entrances hidden in other levels. Dozer The Dozerian boss level. Yes
Spooky Speedway You-Go-centric time attack level. Yes
Tiptoe Through The Tulips Stealth Level inside a forest. Yes
Wabbit Hunt Level with Swapguns in which the player has to hunt a Buddy Bunny. Yes

In Supreme With Cheese, all levels have been updated to take advantage of the new features in the game.


See also: Keychain

Hammer KeychainEdit

Level: Fumigation
How to get: Enter a secret passage at the south-west section of the basement.

Pumpkin KeychainEdit

Level: Hedge Maze
How to get: Found in a dark area in the north-west of the maze.

Rocket KeychainEdit

Level: Flashbacks
How to get: Enter a secret passage near Checkpoint Chuck.

Squash KeychainEdit

Level: Isle Of The Zombies
How to get: Enter a teleporter hidden near Bouapha's starting position.

Secret LevelsEdit

Wang's Fortune Cookie FactoryEdit

Level: Corpse Copse
How to access: Locate and enter a row of parallel trees at the bottom of the level. Follow the path lined out by these trees until you see a hollow tree at the end of the passage.

The Forest ShrineEdit

Level: The River Mild
How to access: Get to the extreme top-left corner of the map.

Level: Pygmy Village
How to access: Get to the extreme bottom-right corner of the map.

Level: Fumigation
How to access: Get to the extreme top-right corner of the map.

Level: Flashbacks
How to access: There is a small grass maze found below the Punk Bunny that triggers the message "Come on Punkie, let's blast em!". Make your way through the maze to the darkened region at the bottom. A Raft is sandwiched between two grass walls below the nearby rock there. Take the Raft across the river and step on the teleport pad on the other side.