A bundle of Spears.

Spears or Flimsy Spears are a special weapon found in Dr. Lunatic with Expando-Pak and Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese.

Effects Edit

Spears are among the weakest weapons in the game. They are thrown in a straight line, have a short range and do 5 points of damage to enemies. The advantage of spears is that they are always thrown at the same speed at which Bouapha would throw Hammers after picking up 4 Pants of Power. One bundle of Spears includes 20 throwable projectiles.

Rage Effect Edit

When the player Rages while equipped with Spears, many Spears will be thrown into three directions relative to the direction he is facing at a faster rate than normal. This Rage effect does not deplete the remaining Spears that the player can otherwise use normally, nor does it replenish that quantity.

Spears in Non-Playable Characters Edit

Spears are used by Pygmy Hunters and Pygmy Divers and are among the bullets emitted by a Doom Bunny whenever it is hurt.

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