Dr. Lunatic World
Name: Spamumu
Author: Hammered
Release Date: 22nd July 2005
Requires: Supreme
Filename: Spamumu.dlw

Spamumu is a Supreme with Cheese add-on world released in July 2005, It ridicules and parodies the major spammers on the forums such as The Spamming Guest. There are many references to popular media such as Monty Python and Green Eggs and Ham contained in the world. It is arguably the most favorable add-on world yet and is hailed for the level design, storyline, and humor. The world claims that "all similarities between Spamumu characters and actual Hamumu forum users are purely coincidental," but some people still mistakenly believe that there is a resemblence between certain characters and themselves.

Reviews Edit

Cup Winner of the Favorite Add-On World Contest

Combat Puzzles Quality Fun Difficulty
2hammer 3hammer 5hammer 5hammer 3hammer

Book This is a story-driven world.
Spamumu is Hammered's classic parody of the Hamumu Software forums. The world has a complex storyline describing how Spamumu, the great wizard and defender of the Net of Inter, taker of many forms, fought many battles with evil spammers. It tells the tale of the victories and defeats of the moderators and good forum members versus the endless waves of pointless spam. As Spamumu, you do battle with such detestable villains as Farley, Dark Lord of Loonyland and the "Recreatorizer" until the coming of the Spampocalypse. The world is filled with jokes and spam-related puns, such as "Do you like green eggs and spam?" and it has an important message about the forums - that spam is bad business, and you should stay in school and say NO to spam. The levels themselves are pretty creative and fun, and the level "Total Mayhem" has a parody of many of the top posters on the Hamumu Forums. The world also has craftily-made custom graphics and sounds. Good job, Hammered!

Of course, If you are not a member of the Hamumu Forums, or at least familiar with the internet or the evils of spam, then this world will likely make no sense to you.

Reviewed by: Spisboy