In Sleepless Hollow, it is possible to find journal pages. These are listed below.

Spoiler Warning! This page contains information that could reveal
plot secrets or ruin puzzles! Read with caution, or not at all!

* = Available in demo

  • *0: Found at the beginning of the game. Teaches about controls.
  • *1: Found in Back Roads. Teaches about Journal Pages.
  • *2: Found in Sleepless Hollow. Teaches about Hammers and Pants.
  • *3: Found in The Sleepless Inn. Teaches backstory.
  • *4: Found in Yonder Barn. Teaches more backstory.
  • *5: Found in Ghastly Graveyard. Teaches about the Tombs.
  • 6: Found in the Town Hall. Teaches about the Town Hall puzzle.
  • 7: Found in Brayka Lake. Teaches about Brayka Lake.
  • *8: Found in Tomb of Flames. Teaches about the Flamebringer.
  • *9: Found in Tomb of Mirrors. Teaches about the Lightreaver.
  • 10: Found in Tomb of Darkness. Teaches about the Planetsmasher.
  • 11: Found in Tomb of Sparks. Teaches about the Sparkthrower.
  • 12: Found in Tomb of Din. Teaches about the Earsplitter.
  • 13: Found in Tomb of Bones. Teaches about the Bonecrusher.
  • 14: Found in Sleepy Woods. Teaches about Sleepy Woods.
  • 15: Found in The Dumb Side, entered through the portal outside of Din. Teaches about The Dumb Side.
  • 16: Found in Underhollow. Teaches about the Underhollow.
  • 17: Found in Non-Euclidean Cabin. Teaches about Mr. Klein.
  • 18: Found on Horseradish Hill. Teaches about the Headless Horseradish.
  • 19: Found in Happy Glade. Just shows a happy stick tree.
  • 20: Found in Brayka Lake. Teaches about Electrofishing.

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