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The Sleepless Hollow Hammers are a group of seven different hammers found in Sleepless Hollow. Each hammer has its own unique traits, and the use of all of them are rumored to be able to defeat the Headless Horseradish, the main antagonist of the game. All seven hammers are portrayed as mallets with oversized heads of the same shape and size and can only be distinguished by the color of their head. Only the first three of the hammers listed here can be found in the Demo.

The maximum Mystic level is Lvl 10.

Classic Red Edit

The Classic Red has a red head. Unlike the other hammers, this is the only hammer that can level up by finding "Hammer Up" powerups. It has no special weapon directly, but it does decrease the amount of time Bouapha needs to fire more hammers simultaneously than he would using the other six hammers. Collecting more "Hammer Up" powerups would also decrease this time requirement.

Once the Electroreel has been found, it is activated as the Classic Red's special weapon.

Flamebringer Edit

The Flamebringer has a yellow head. This is the first of six "Mystical Hammers" and can be found in the Tomb of Flames in the Ghastly Graveyard of Sleepless Hollow. The Flamebringer's special weapon, when activated, fires a bolt of smoke that ignites an enemy, illuminating its surroundings and burning it for several rounds. If the enemy is struck down while ignited, it leaves behind a small ember that has the double effect of illuminating the surrounding area and damaging any enemy that steps on it. At higher levels, the special weapon damages enemies faster.

Lightreaver Edit

The Lightreaver has a teal head. This is the second of six "Mystical Hammers" and can be found in the Tomb of Mirrors in the Ghastly Graveyard of Sleepless Hollow. The Lightreaver is capable of generating an energy barrier around Bouapha which negates the damage done by melee attacks and reflects energy projectiles. It also recovers some of the player's health. At higher levels, the Lightreaver increases the damage done by reflected bullets and recovers more health.

*Note: You do not gain Mystic XP from merely using it uselessly. You need to be reflecting damage with it.

Planetsmasher Edit

The Planetsmasher hammer has a purple head. It is found in the Tomb of Darkness and can summon a miniature black hole which sucks in enemies close to it and damages them. When used on purple tiles, the Planetsmasher teleports Bouapha to The Dumb Side. At higher levels it allows Bouapha to stay in the Dumb Side longer.

Sparkthrower Edit

The Sparkthrower is found in the Tomb of Sparks and has a light green head. Its special skill is firing green bullets that home in on enemies and increase in number as the Sparkthrower's level increases. The Sparkthrower's sparks are actually modified Scanner sparks.

Earsplitter Edit

The Earsplitter is found in the Tomb of Din and has a blue head. It fires a shock wave of sound. At higher levels, the sound's range is wider and the sound wave goes farther.

Bonecrusher Edit

The Bonecrusher has a gray head and is found inside the Tomb Of Bones. It can summon a friendly Bonehead named Funnybone, which stays alive for a limited time. Trying to summon more than one Funnybone at the same time, will make previously summoned Funnybones explode, firing bullets into every direction. The Funnybone is controlled in the same way as Bouapha and moves entirely synchronous to him; pressing the hammer throw button makes it attack by spitting one or more green bullets into the relative direction it is facing. Funnybone will also try to kick any enemy that he walks into. Unlike Bouapha, Funnybones are not damaged by mud. At higher levels, the Funnybone shoots more bullets at a time and fires more bullets when it dies, as well as having a longer lifespan.

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