Sleepless Hollow includes 25 Comic Goals, which can be used to earn Yerfbucks when achieved.

Spoiler Warning! This page contains information that could reveal
plot secrets or ruin puzzles! Read with caution, or not at all!

#1: Level Up! - Earned for reaching level 20.

#2: Flame On! - Earned for leveling The Flamebringer to 10.

#3: Bulletproof - Earned for leveling The Lightreaver to 10.

#4: Planet, Smashed - Earned for leveling The Planetsmasher to 10.

#5: Sparkling! - Earned for leveling The Sparkthrower to 10.

#6: WHAT DID YOU SAY? - Earned for leveling The Earsplitter to 10.

#7: Best Buddy - Earned for leveling The Bonecrusher to 10.

#8: Brainy - Earned for collecting 100 Brains.

#9: Emergency Supplies - Earned for collecting 100 candles. (Note: You must not spend any candles to achieve this!)

#10: Sleepless Hero - Earned for winning the game.

#11: Happy Trick - Earned for wiping out the Happy Stick Trees.

#12: Super Shopper - Earned for buying out Mr. Klein's Shop.

#13: Speedy Hollow - Earned for finishing in under 4 hours.

#14: Perfectionism - Earned for getting 100% complete.

#15: Angry Chicken - Earned for spelling HICK SONG. (Spell out in HICKSONG in puzzle located inside the Tomb of Sparks)

#16: Rock Legend - Earned for rocking 30 notes in a row.

#17: Seven Years - Earned for smashing all of your reflections.

#18: Taking Notes - Earned for collecting all Journal Pages.

#19: Goaldigger - Earned for digging up a goal.

#20: Autographed Copy - Earned for asking for it. (Write "Ichabod Steamshovel" in the ledger")

#21: Gone Fishin' - Earned for catching one of every wild fish.

#22: Animal Rescue - Earned for catching the unwanted goldfish.

#23: It Was This Big! - Earned for catching a 150lb fish.

#24: Fishmaster - Earned for a fishing skill of 100.

#25: I'd Rather Be... - Earned for catching 200 fish.

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