A simple enemy in various games, a bat that can charge at a victim to cause him to lose life. Summoned by Scarier Bats and Die Uberbat.

They appear in Dr. L (both the original game and SwC), Kid Mystic (the eGames version and the remake), Dumb: The Game and Spooky Castle: The Adventures of Bouapha.

Scary Bat (Dr L) Edit


Scary Bat

Dr. Lunatic Monster
Dr. Lunatic
Name: Scary Bat
HP: 5
Scan Text: One of the more obnoxious foes, yes? Lots of people don't know about the Scary Bat's most intriguing attack. They don't merely divebomb you from long range! If they get in close, they will attempt to smack you with their own eyeballs by bugging them out. It's quite an effect, look closely sometime. Why it hurts you, I do not know.
Category: Badguy/Animal/Flying/Spooky
Recolored?: None
Miscellaneous Info: None

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