Rocky Cliffs
Name: Rocky Cliffs
Author: Pants of Power
Release Date: Unknown
Requires: Supreme
Filename: cliffs.dlw
Rocky Cliffs guides

A world that was made by Pants of Power that came packaged in Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese, unlocked by purchasing it from Cave & Peril.

Jetpack CavernEdit

Just be careful and jet around the smallish cavern,grabbing the Brains and Candles, while mashing Thingies.

Haunted CavernsEdit

Just run around, mash the badguys,grab the Brains and Candles and leave.

Cart Crazy (Hammer Keychain)Edit

Cart Crazy
Just ride the Mine Cart to the end and grab the Candles. To get the Hammer Keychain, just flip the switch at the bottom right of the level.

Excavation Edit

Just blast through this level with the Bombs provided and grab the Candles and leave.

Bat CaveEdit

Just mash all the bats, then ride the Mine cart that spawns for the Brain and grab the Candles and leave.

Mine Tunnel Edit

EDIT: This level is broken without any version of SWC above 7.7.

Anyway, just ride the Mine carts through the level, then collect the Candles and Brains, then go home.

Underneath the Cliffs(Pumpkin Keychain) Edit

Undernearth the Cliffs

Just a simple level of mashing badguys,gathering Candles and Brains. Note the Pumpkin Keychain in this level.

Mine Cart Mayhem (Rocket Keychain) Edit

Just Mine cart through this level,gather the Candles,the Brain at the end and note the Rocket Keychain hidden behind a wall near the level exit.

The Shifting Caverns (Squash Keychain) Edit

Just run through the level collecting Brains and Candles and before you get to the level exit at the final section, be sure to go back to the center of the box you were in to warp to the Squash Keychain.

Arachophobia Edit

Just mash all the Spiders and grab the Candles and leave.

The Abyss Edit

It's a dark level in "water", but otherwise, just grab the Candles and kill all the Creepazoids and leave.

The Pumpkins of Wrath (Keychain Level) Edit

It's rather tough for a small level, but if you learn how to manage your enemy aggro right, it can be solved.Just watch out for the Pumpkins that turn into Boomkins the moment you kill one,so only hit them after you have gotten them into a safe corner where you wont attract them all at once.

Lava Monster Cave (Key of Lunacy) Edit

It's a boss level with the Ultrazoid, after you defeat it, the Key of Lunacy will be waiting for you.

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