Robot Wants Fishy, the third game in the Robot series after Robot Wants Kitty and Robot Wants Puppy, is a 2D webgame made using Actionscript 3.0, the Flixel library, and featuring music by DrPetter and Robbe. The game was released on the Armor Games website on August 20, 2010. It is also sponsored by Armor Games. Many powerups help upgrade your kitty, and access cards and the double-jump rockets power up your robot. The goal of Robot Wants Fishy is to rescue the goldfish in the least amount of time possible. When you die there is a 10 second time penalty, however. The game also features a humorous storyline that actually relates to the game this time!


Name Picture Description
Robo-Bombs Press X to throw bombs!
Chronox Shards Shard Each one collected subtracts 5 seconds.
Teleport Crystal Teleportcrystal This would surely repair a disabled teleporter.
Dolemite Infusion Increases bomb damage.
Tri-Prism Briefly creates a prism over the robot (for 1 second) that refracts bullets.
Autoharpoon Can shoot harpoons underwater.
Tritium Warheads Makes the bombs explode over a larger area and doubles the damage.
Rustproofing A duck which allows the robot to swim underwater.
HaXXoR Makes sad computers happy :)
Multibombs Increases the number of bombs the Robot can launch. Two of these upgrades can be found in the game, each increasing the amount of bombs you fire by one. This makes for a potential total of 3 bombs launched at once.
Super Golden Key This is what you need to unlock to cage in which the Fishy resides in.
??? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!



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Name Picture Description
Robot Robotnew This is the robot! He can throw bombs, jump, double-jump and even walk on the ceiling once the appropriate powerups are collected.
Fishy Fishy! Reach the Fishy to win!
Crab Crab HP: 3 A Cyclops crab that walks back and forth.
Dungeon S. Crab Bigcrab

HP: 20

The first boss. Walks back and forth, firing bullets at you from its eye. The bullets lock on to you. The less health it has, the quicker bullets are fired.

Bat from robot wants fishy
HP: 2 Flies around in random straight lines. Changes direction when it hits a wall.
Shooting Robot HP: 3 Moves up and down. Fires bullets aimed at Robot.
Battle Bat

HP: 100 (25 in all four forms)

The boss of the Batcave. Flies around randomly, firing bullets. Loses armor and firepower as hit, but gains speed. Can only be hurt with Tritium Warheads.

Snail HP: Infinite   Moves slowly and fires bullets horizontally. Bullets can destroy crystals. If killed, retreats into its shell to return 30 seconds later. 
Jellyfish HP: 5 Swims around and fires bullets which lock on to the Robot.
Das Boxen
Das boxen

HP: 184 (92 each box).

A pair of smiling boxes which serve as the boss of the Supply Closet. They move around in a fixed pattern. When one is defeated, the other one moves faster, now scowling.


'HP: 7 per turret, 60 for the core of PAL-1000

The boss of the Processing Station. Surrounded by eight turrets. Activates once all of its computers are hacked. Fires homing bullets.

Obtuse Angler

HP: 80

The boss of the Flooded Depths. Swims back and forth, occasionally stopping to fire a spiral of bullets. Can only be damaged by hitting its antenna.


HP: 120.

The final boss of the game, guarding the Crystal Caverns. Fires pairs of homing bullets at Robot. Occasionally shakes the screen, throwing Robot off the ceiling. Can only be damaged by hanging from the ceiling and dropping bombs into its core.


Robot Wants Fishy features twelve awards, all which count towards your rank seen in the "awards" section of the game. 

Spoiler Warning! This page contains information that could reveal
plot secrets or ruin puzzles! Read with caution, or not at all!

Robot Got Fishy!


Get a fishy.

Rocket Robot

Get a fishy in under 20 minutes.

Brave Little Robot

Complete the game with only required powerups.

The Friendly Robot

Beat Drillbaby without harming more than 15 enemies.

Time On Your Hands

Collect all 50 Chronox Shards.

Fully Loaded

Attain maximum firepower.


Kill every living thing! (Except those pesky snails.)

Yay Explosions

Blow up everything.

Back At Ya

Destroy an alien with a refracted shot.

Super Combo

Blow up 5 guys without touching the ground.

Undersea Operation

Get through the spiny tunnel without a scratch

Jelly Toast

Blow up a Jellyfish with Bombs.


  •  Das Boxen has the highest amount of health in the game, with 182HP for its entire battle.
  •  There is a multibomb item which has become notorious, since many players find it difficult to collect. A key   mechanic they forget is that the snail enemies can actually destroy crystals with their bullets. However, you also need the Tri-Prism item to deflect the bullet to the crystal guarding the multibomb.

  •  The name of the bosses are all puns:

       -  Dungeon S.Crab is an alternate way of pronouncing Dungeness crab, a crab found in Britain.

       -  The Battle Bat has 'bat' appear twice in its name.

       -  PAL-1000 is based off the evil HAL-1000 robot from the film "A Space Oddysey". 

       -  The Obtuse Angler is a pun of an obtuse angle in mathematical terminology.

      -  Das Boxen is supposedly German for "The Boxes". However, the German used is inaccurate.
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