The rage activation effect.

Rage is a special ability that can be executed by the player in Dr Lunatic. In the original game, the player possessed this ability from the start while in Supreme with Cheese, a Rage-flavoured Frozen Yogurt of Fury has to be bought to acquire the Rage ability. When a monster is killed (allied or enemy), a bar appears below the life bar, the Rage bar, which will grow with every additional monster that is killed, but shrink over time if no monsters are killed. When the Rage bar is bigger than your life bar, its color will turn from red to green and you will be able to execute a "Rage" attack. Press the 'Hammer' button (normally CTRL) and the 'Weapon' button (normally Shift) at the same time to free your Rage on the level (and badguys!). The type of Rage attack depends on the weapon you are wielding. Below is a list of all the possible Rages:

No special weapon: Throws hammers boosted at the maximum around you.

AK-8087: Makes weak AK-8087 bullets appear nearly everywhere on the screen.

Big Axe: Throws 15 axes in front of you at a faster rate than normal.

Bombs: Makes explosions appear in random parts of the screen.

Freeze Ray: Shoots freeze bullets in a wheeling motion.

Mines: Makes explosions radiate from the player.

Missiles: Shoots several missiles into random directions.

Mind Control Ray: Shoots Mind Control Ray bullets into eight directions.

Monster Scanner: Shoots Monster Scanner bullets into eight directions.

Spears: Throws spears into three directions at a faster rate than normal.

Toaster: Makes flames appear nearly everywhere on the screen.

Jetpack: Shoots flames into eight directions.

Stopwatch: Restores a bit of health.

Machete: Attacks random spots on the screen with machete slashes.

Zap Wand: Like the normal Zap Wand attack, but lasts longer.

Turrets: Shoots Good Turret/Orbiter bullets in a wheeling motion.

Swapgun: Shoots Good Turret/Orbiter bullets in a wheeling motion.

Torch: Like the normal Torch ability, but lasts longer.

Reflect Shield: Like the normal Reflect Shield ability, but lasts longer.

No Rage is possible while using a Power Armor or Mini-Sub.