Pygmy Island
Name: Pygmy Island
Author: Hamumu
Release Date: Unknown
Requires: Supreme
Filename: Pygmy.dlw
Pygmy Island guides

A world that was made by Hamumu that came packaged in Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese, unlocked by purchasing it from Pier 2.

Key of Lunacy is awarded after clearing Temple of Kongor.

Choo Choo Edit

Choo choo

Chop Chop Edit

Just chop the spiders and grasses down and grab the Candles and Brains and leave.

River Raftin' Edit

Just grab the Candles and raft over the river and go home.

Mazey Edit


South Village Edit

As you are unarmed at the start, you need to steal weapons from the local Pygmies.Other than that, just mash them up and grab the Candles and Brains and leave. (Remember that some Candles are blocked behind Grasses)

West Village Edit

Just be careful as your starting firepower is nearby a Mama Spider, otherwise a straightforward level of badguy mashing and collecting Brains.

Note the Candle is outside at the Top left corner of the level while the Secret Level Entrance at the bottom left corner.

Worshipers of the Giant Hammer Edit


Dino Hunt Edit

Just mash all the badguys, but beware of the Pygmy Weatherman as he is a tough foe with the level's Candle.

Once you have hunted all 3 Triceroids, just grab the Brain and leave.

Swampy Edit

Just a level where you have to raft around, mashing badguys making one big round for the Brain on the other side.

Remember the Candles are with the spiders.

The Cave (Hammer Keychain) Edit

The cave

Other than that, just your usual mine cart cave level.Remember to grab the Hammer Keychain on the way out.

East Village (Squash Keychain) Edit

East village-1

It's rather intense at the start with Mush the Shrooms outside when you need to get the Red and Yellow Keys and the Machete to get in and you are relatively unarmed, but once you get inside, just work your way with the doors and Keys,mash Pygmies,then mine cart it,mash the Mama Spiders guarding the Brains and leave.

Dont forget to have the Machete handy to chop down the Grass to the Squash Keychain inside the building.

North Village (Pumpkin Keychain) Edit

North village

A slightly big level, but otherwise, just mash the badguys, grab the Brains and Candles,along with the Pumpkin Keychain.

Land of The Losers (Rocket Keychain) Edit

Lotl map

A slightly big level like before, but otherwise, just mash the badguys, grab the Brains and Candles,along with the Rocket Keychain.

SQUASH! (Keychain Level) Edit

Just mash the Squashes,then grab the Candles and go home.

Temple of Kongor Edit

Just your usual boss battle level and Kongor's official debut. Just mash him and his Pygmies and remember to grab the Candles before you leave.

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