The Particle Accelerator is a Power-Up item found in Dr. Lunatic with Expando-Pak and Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese.



The Particle Accelerator is shown as a gray belt with the letters "PA" engraved on it in green text.

The Particle Accelerator doubles the movement speed of the player for approximately ten seconds.[1] This speed boost applies to anything that involves the player moving, such as firing at enemies or drowning. It also makes other Power-Ups run out twice as fast, with the exception of Orbiters and Orbit Bombers.


  1. In the Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese level titled "The Accelerator", the player must complete the level within 20 seconds or be killed. He is only given one Particle Accelerator to aid him, and which will run out five seconds before timeout if the player collects it five seconds after the start of the level.

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