Pants Of Power.

Pants Of Power is a powerup in Dr. Lunatic, The Adventures of Bouapha: Spooky Castle and Sleepless Hollow. Up to 4 can be held at the same time, and each will increase the rate at which hammers are thrown.

The approximate throw rates are:

No. of Pants Hammers per second
0 1.07
1 1.3
2 1.66
3 2.3
4 3.75

Pants Of Power will have no effect if the player is not holding any hammers.

Pants of Futility Edit


Pants Of Futility.

The Fun Pack for Dr. Lunatic added an item called Pants Of Futility to the game, which is a grey Pants Of Power that takes away one Pants Of Power item the player has collected previously and plays a slowed down and bored sounding version of the "PANTS!" sound of the normal Pants Of Power.

Although this item was the only way of making a player lose Pants Of Power items previously, the Supreme With Cheese Editor allows the creation of other items that take away one or more Pants Of Power, achieved by entering a negative amount in the "Give Pants" effect.

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