Ninja Academy
Watch out for those spikes.


Ninja Academy

Year: 2005
Competition: Unknown (theme: One Button)
Postcompo: Not Updated
Ratings: Ratings & Comments
More Info: Details
Download: Here

Ninja Academy is a game developed in 2006, for a programming contest. The entire game is controlled by a single button, CTRL, and can be played at various speeds, Zen being the slowest and Caffeinated being fastest. Even with only one button, many moves can be accomplished, depending on what is happening when you press the button.

Related Games Edit

Ninja Academy was partly developed into a bigger game, entitled Super Happy Go-Go Ninja Time, (usually abbreviated to SHGGNT,) which parodies the usual hyperactive titles of ninja-related games. It had a combo score system, and planned multiplayer. However, development slowed to a stop in order for Jamul to work on other games, and has yet to be continued. Says Jamul,

"It's dead. I don't think it will ever be worked on again, but there's some slim slim hope in there, because it's definitely a really cool game."[1]
A gameplay video can be seen here.

Mods Edit

There are two mods. The Spisverse Mod by Mr.Onion, and the Super-Happy Ninja Mod by Nebro-Gubular Spisboy.



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