Mr. Crazypants

Dr. Lunatic Monster
Dr. Lunatic
Name: Mr. Crazypants
HP: 80*
Scan Text: The crazed leader of the Wackos. I really love his sound effects and attacks. One of my favorite enemies. And he seems so easy at first, doesn't he? Take advantage of the brief moments when he yells at you each time you 'beat' him, that's your chance to take a couple free shots. But get out of the way quickly, because those windmilling blades will be coming in real fast!
Category: Badguy/Human/Mini-Boss
Recolored?: None
Miscellaneous Info: Mr. Crazypants has to be beaten three times until he is defeated, getting faster each time his life reaches 0.

(*Mr. Crazypants' HP value resets every time you 'beat' him without permanently defeating him.)

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