Moss RapidoEdit

Moss Rapido

Moss Rapido

Dr. Lunatic Monster
Dr. Lunatic
Name: Moss Rapido
HP: 1
Scan Text: (bby)Couldn't miss out on using this name, now could I? This, along with the Crazy Egg, was my attempt to include some really fast paced gameplay into Dr. Lunatic if the world builder wants to include it. I don't know if it did that, but it's a fun monster anyway.
Category: Badguy/Veggy
Recolored?: Yes, from green to yellow.
Miscellaneous Info: Grows at a much faster pace than Mucho Moss. But does not have a parent.

The Word, RapidoEdit

Rapido is a word from the Romantic languages that means quick or rapid. It is pronounced as ra-pi-doh in its formal languages, with the ending 'o' being flat not rounded.

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