Moss GrandeEdit

Moss Grande

Moss Grande

Dr. Lunatic Monster
Dr. Lunatic
Name: Moss Grande
HP: 100
Scan Text: (bby)I like the animation these use when they shoot - they twist their eyestalks together until their eyes clack into each other, like one of those two-balls-on-a-string toys. For some reason, the clacking causes bullets to fly in every direction. they spawn Mucho Moss at a high rate, if there are any open spots for it in the four tiles around them. To really kickstart the growth of a moss field, Moss Grandes are key. Not to mention being more threatening then Mucho Moss to begin with.
Category: Badguy/Veggy
Miscellaneous Info: Grows Mucho Moss around it's own body, can be very unpredictable if in an open place.


Grande is a Porteguse word, it means great or large. It's pronounced grend-zee in it's formal language. In other countries such as America it's either pronounced grand or gran-de.

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