Missiles are a type of projectile found in Spooky Castle, Dr. Lunatic and Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese.

Missile Pack Edit


A missile pack.

The Missile Pack is a secondary weapon powerup found in Spooky Castle, Dr. Lunatic and Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese.

Effects Edit

The Missile Pack is shown as a pile of six missiles, although when the player picks it up, he gets twenty of them.

When the player uses the Missile Pack, he fires a single missile that detects and homes in on the nearest badguy, detonating upon impact with an enemy, wall or after three seconds. Holding down the secondary fire button results in a continuous stream of missiles being launched. While this potentially makes the Missile Pack powerup very dangerous (partly due to its relatively high impact damage and partly due to its small blast radius), the tracking system mounted on these missiles is not foolproof. Firstly, the tracking system only activates one full second after the player launches the missile. Secondly, the tracking system does not detect walls. This means that the player cannot fire a missile from behind walls and assume that the missile will go around the wall. Finally, the tracking system has a limited detection range of about half the screen and will not detect any enemy out of this range.

Rage Effects Edit

When the player Rages while holding on to a Missile Pack, he releases a stream of missiles in all directions. This Rage effect does not deplete the remaining missiles that the player can otherwise use normally, nor does it replenish that quantity.

Missiles in Non-Playable Characters Edit

Missiles are not commonly used by non-playable characters, probably because of its strength. It is, however, commonly used among Turrets. The Death Turrets, in particular, use missiles to devastating effect, as they continuously fire missiles at any enemy (from the perspective of the thing firing) that comes within range.

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