Before a personal page is created for a Hamumu Software member/moderator, the page will have to be at-least fifty-percent filled with content. No bogus/invalid links, email addresses, are allowed!

The page for this specific purpose will have to follow this template...

Names Of Member/Moderator
/* People who are on the internet usually have multiple names. */
/* Self-explanatory. */
/* Self-explanatory. */
/* Can be anything involving Hamumu Software or not, but no explicit [18+] content is allowed. If there are links to any content the pages which are being linked to must be malware free and family-friendly */
Contact Info
/* If typing in home address, email address or any other form of contact information, it must be valid. */

Once a page is finished it must be neatly added to the appropriate alphabetical section in Members And Moderators based on the first letter in the member/moderator's Hamumu Software username.

The page will have to be written using third-person narrative as well.

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