This game or project has been cancelled since 4th February 2010. Details are available here.

Loonyland Tactics was to be the newest game for the Loonyland series. The video series Behind the Dumb was showing the development of the game, but has switched gears to general Hamumu happenings.

Confirmed Factions Edit

Order of the Snuggly Bunny

  • Leader: Captain Capitan
  • Location: Forbidden Forest
  • Units: Order Knight, Bunny Ride, Chaplain, Blind Spear (final two: possibly Catapults and Archers)

Onion Ring

  • Thugs: pickpocketing attack, hiding, and Sneak Attack
  • Bruisers: Smash inflicts Weakened Armor on the enemy for a turn

Eyeball Trees

  • Very weak Seedlings plant themselves to stronger, but immobile Trees

Bonkula's army of undead

  • Vampires: able to turn into bats for flight and improved speed

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