Modifiers change the game in some way, and can only be used when you start a new game. They are unlocked by completing all the achievements in a single row or column. You can only use 3 of them at once.

Row/Column (on this grid.) Name Effect
Row 01 Literacy You may read the Allusionary in the Halls of History. When this modifier is active, the Gallery Goals can no longer be read on it.
Row 02 Knight You've joined up with the Order of the Snuggly Bunny for good!
Row 03 Skillbor You gain no Skill Points from levels. Instead, gain one for each Quest or Present.
Row 04 Trample Bumping enemies does damage to them equal to your Level. Enemies have double Armor.
Row 05 Tireless Unlimited Stamina, but you lose 1 Magic each time you attack.
Row 06 Heir Begin the game with a set of Golden items.
Row 07 Haunted Slain enemies create Ghosts you also have to beat.
Row 08 Ticking Enemies have double life, but Clockwork Robot does tripledamage and takes half damage.
Row 09 Merchant Enemies drop no equipment, but 5X money. All shops may carry Golden items.
Row 10 Even Gain 3 skill points per level instead of an increasing amount.
Column 01 Expert You begin the game with all Skills and Talents. Choose your own progression!
Column 02 Crowded Face four times as many enemies as normal. Twice as many in the Arena
Column 03 Toy A Toy Bodhza follows you around, looking cute and providing very little help.
Column 04 Rush The game runs twice as fast.
Column 05 Ironman Dying or finishing Madcap ends your game, and gives you a score to show off your skillz.
Column 06 Disco You wear a stunning Disco Parka. So stunning that nearby enemies get stunned regularly.
Column 07 Vampire Your life drains over time, but you gain health with every enemy you beat.
Column 08 Liquid Enemies are much more likely to drop potions and much less likely to drop anything else.
Column 09 Gangsta Look like an OG (Onion Gangster).
Column 10 Arena Arena battles pay 5X as much and give 5X XP, but you earn no XP or money outide the Arena.