Loonyland 2

Spoiler Warning! This page contains information that could reveal
plot secrets or ruin puzzles! Read with caution, or not at all!

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6 Column 7 Column 8 Column 9 Column 10
Row 1 Hero
You Won the Game
Chop Suey
Level 10 Chopping talent
Axe Master
Level 15 Axe Mastery
Level 15 Bash
Level 15 Defense
Level 15 Stomp
En Garde
Level 15 Parry
Level 15 Stun
Level 10 Knockout Talent
Title holder
Won 100 Arena Battles
Row 2 Hot Stuff
Level 10 Scorching Talent
You Got 100% Complete
Two Thumbs Up
Level 10 Criticism
Picky Picky
Level 15 Critical
Tough Luck
Level 15 Toughness
Strong Like Hulk
Level 15 Strength
Level 15 Vampirism
Level 10 Miser Talent
Slew 5000 Plants
Artful Dodging
Level 10 Finesse Talent
Row 3 Ignition
Level 15 Ignite
Level 10 Combustion Talent
You Finished Madcap Mode
My Shoes Hurt
Level 10 Mobility Talent
Level 15 Training
Prince Charming
Level 15 Persuasion
When in Rome
Level 10 Gladiator Talent
Skill Master
Level 18 of any skill
Bazaar Behavior
Level 10 Haggling Talent
Get Outta Dodge
Level 15 Dodge
Row 4 Peasants Beware
Level 15 Burninate
Shock Value
Level 15 Shock Orb
Level 10 Electrocution Talent
Speed Demon
Finish in under 4 hours
Going Nuts
Level 15 Berserk
Level 15 Tracking
Monkey Socking Smashed 5000 Sock Monkeys Vulture
Level 10 Scavenging Talent
Roast Beast
Level 15 Flame
Rabbit's Foot
Level 15 Luck
Row 5 Toastmaster
Level 15 Toasties
A Mighty Wind
Level 15 Gale
White Noise
Level 15 Static
Political Aspirations
Level 10 Windbag Talent
Older and Wiser
You got 1 million XP!
Puppet Puncher
Smashed 5000 Puppets
Spry Guy
Level 10 Vivacity Talent
Hang in There
Level 15 Endurance
Level 15 Air Strike
Trick Shooter Level 15 Ricochet
Row 6 Warm and Cozy
Level 15 Heat Shield
Level 15 Whirl
Not in Kansas
Level 15 Tornado
Sucker Punch
Level 10 Sneak Attack Talent
Bodzha Blaster
Smashed 5000 Bodzhas
Wear three Artifacts
Level 10 Packrat Talent
Stool Pigeon
Level 15 Homing
Three Times a Loony
Level 15 Triple
Bawdy Piercings
Level 15 Piercing
Row 7 Dr. Zoidberg
Level 15 Cryozoid
Jack Frost
Level 15 Cold Wave
Dig Down Deep
Level 10 Mining Talent
Busted 2000 Ghosts
Level 10 Spookiness Talent
Level 10 Green Thumb Talent
Holding 255 of an item
Agent Smith
Level 10 Junksmith Talent
It's a Trap!
Level 15 Axe Trap
Level 15 Shatter
Row 8 On the Rocks
Level 15 Ice Cube
Cold Hearted
Level 10 Freezing Talent
Bear is Driving
Smashed 5000 Bears
Level 10 Mental Focus Talent
Level 15 Bonehead
Berry Good
Level 15 Lifeberries
Weed Picker
Level 10 Herbalism Talent
Big Fan
Wore "Haw Mumu" Lenses
Clobberin' Time
Level 10 Clockwork Talent
Axe Away
Level 15 Throwing
Row 9 Invincible
Level 10 Stoneskin Talent
Thawed 1000 Ice Enemies
Childproof Cap
Level 10 Arsenic Talent
Skull n' Bones
Level 15 Poison
Level 15 Plague
Mad Bomber
Level 15 Bone Bomb
Briar Patch
Level 15 Brambles
Pb -> Au
Level 10 Alchemy Talent
Held $99999 in hand
Level 10 Tossing Talent
Row 10 Pest Control
Smashed 5000 Mice
Level 10 Meditation Talent
Karmic Balance
Level 15 Restoration
Outwit & Outlast
Level 15 Survival
Level 15 Drain
Level 15 Stone Spike
Fun Guy
Level 15 Shroom
Magic Trick
Level 15 Energy
Twist Of Lemon
Level 10 Mixology Talent
100 of every Madcap Crystals


Talent achievements they just take some patience doing the appropriate action over and over and over...
note: except for gladiator, talents carry over to madcap mode
Monster bashing achievements probably easiest to get in the arena for many kinds of monsters
Miscellaneous achievements see description
Skill achievements requires maxing the skill (10) and then also using magic items which raise the skill to 12
then a supreme sparkling water (+3 to all skills) will make it 15(optional Mumu Leeroy lens or artifacts)

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