Spoiler Warning! This page contains information that could reveal
plot secrets or ruin puzzles! Read with caution, or not at all!

"If you are reading this, you are a low-down dirty cheater. Stop now if you don't want the fun of finding all the badges in Loonyland ruined!" ~ Jamul

Number Name Gained By: Effect
1 Quick Mode Beating Evilizer in < 3 minutes. You move at double speed.
2 Bowlin' Get Jamulio rank in Bowling Disco Mode - Flashy, epiliptic-seizure-inducing colours!
3 Vandalizin' Smash all the gravestone in both Zombiton Graveyards Vintage Mode - Black-and-white, silent, and double speed!
4 Greed Collect (in total) 5000 gems Infinite Gems - Self-Explanotory.
5 Monster Slayin' Gain 30,000 Monster Points Hardcore Mode - Saves automaticly when you exit, but your save is erased if you die.*
6 Monster Pounden' Gain 10,000 Monster Points Sidekick - Farley will always be at your side, regardless of your health.
7 Ghostbustin' Beat Poulterguy in < 30 seconds Homing Shots - Your shots will home in on nearby enemies.
8 Lookin' Given if you find the arrow in the bottom-right of Zizwalda's house without using a torch 20/20 Vision - All darkness is lit up.
9 Ultimate Victory Jamulio Rank in Adventure Mode Ultimate Firepower - Start the game with all pants, arrows and lighting bolts, and the Reflect and Triple Crystals.*
10 Kickin' Jamulio Rank in Loonyball Mode Surprise Mode - Replace minor monsters with random other ones approxiamatly the same difficulty.
11 Boss Bashin' Jamulio Rank in Boss Bash Mode Combo-Bombo - Enemies explode when killed, damaging other enemies.
12 Vampire Slayin' Kill Bonkula in < 1 Minute Play as Bonkula - very fast and slippery to control, however has a devastating hammer attack.**
13 Sneakin' Get to the Second Floor of the Haunted Tower without killing any ghosts. Play as Swampdog - Gains powers by earning Monster Points, rather than collecting items.
14 Witch Hunt' Beat Happy Stick Witch in < 1 Minute Play as HS Witch - Casts spells, which rise in power by (essentially) being useful. Spells learned by finding the special weapons.**
15 Animal Control Kill every wolf in the Wolf Den. Play as Werewolf Loony - Transforms into wolf by spending 30 gems.Also has an electric aura. More info in the Badge Description.**
16 Annoyance Annoy Zizwalda. (Talk to her 5 times before you bring her her mushrooms) Play as Toad - Double damage, and is fairly quick. Unfortuantly, very short range. (turns automaticly ON in the game used to get this badge, however you can exit without saving.)**
17 Civic Duty Defeat all monsters in Gloomy Cavern before talking to the girl Enemy Overload - Enemies slowly respawn from off-screen.
18 Winnin' Defeat the Evilizer and win Adventure Mode Crystal Ball - Shows items and other collectabiles by increasing the brightness of the area title (lower-left) as you get closer to items. (is triggered by the "Eternal Longing" exhibit in Castle Vampy I)
19 Combo Plate Get a x50 Combo Radar - Shows where monsters and villigers are compared to you.
20 Cleanin' Up Destroy every rock in the Rocky Cliffs Heavy Hitter - Makes all three powerups increase the damage you do, so you have the lowest rate of fire, but hit for hundreds of damage.
21 Findin' In the uppermost chamber of the Wolf Den, stand between the two rocks, then fire upwards. Then head downwards. Rapid Fire - Start the game with all 10 Pants of Power.*
22 Extreme Survivin' Finish Survival Mode with Terror Mode turned on. Touch of Death - One hit will kill anyone, including villigers and bosses.
23 Huntin' Kill every enemy in the Overworld in one pass All Access Pass - Get every area-unlocking item at the start of the game, and have unlimited normal keys.*
24 Advanced Winnin' Get 100% on Adventure Mode by collecting every thing, and finishing every quest. Terror Mode - Full powerups, and can earn twice as many hearts. However, the monsters move at double speed, take half damage, and have double-speed bullets.
25 Survivin' Jamulio Rank in Survival Mode Save Anywhere - Save anywhere, without the use of save crystals. Does not work in Evilizer battle.
26 Puppy Poundin' Beat Larry in < 1 Minute Guided Shots - Steer your shots around with the controller.
27 Mad Skeetz' Beat Adventure Mode in Terror Mode Kick the Cat - Turns Loonyball and Bowling Balls into cats.
28 Frankenfryin' Beat Frankenjulie in < 30 seconds Slo-Mo - All enemies and bullets move at half speed. Stacks with Terror Mode and Quick Mode.
29 Combo Magic Get a x10 Combo in Survival Mode Infinite Survival - Revamped Survival Mode, with increasingly-difficult, randomly generated levels.
30 Hedge-Clippin' Destroy every cat-tail in Slurpy Swamp, including the ones over the shore in Vampy Land Frog-o-rama - We'll let you see for yourself. Look for torches with this turned on.
31 R-R-R-Remix! 100% Complete on Remix Mode Play as Summony - Your powerups improve summoned troops, special weapons let you summon different troops.
32 Witchcraft' Get all of Happy Stick Witch's spells to Level 10 at once. Play as Ninja Girl - Throws knives, knives can be powered up by special weapons. Strafes by holding Fire.**
33 Ninjitsu' Play as Ninja Girl and have all 7 powerups active at the same time (in any mode.) Molecular Dispersion - Pass through all immovable objects
34 Stayin' Alive Get to Level 100 of Infinite Survival Mode Guaranteed Survival - Total Invunerability.
35 Hooliganin' Cause a riot in a Loonyball match, by squeezing too many monsters into the penalty box. Bend it like Bouapha - Your movements slightly affect the Loonyball and Bowling ball after each kick.
36 Swampdoggin' Get Swampdog to Level 50 Stinky Farley - Farley realeases Poison Gas clouds rather than his normal attack.
37 Scorin' Score 10,000,000 points in any mode Ultimate Weapons are Go - Replaces the Level 3 version of every special weapon with an insanely overpowered one.
38 Brawlin' Using Touch of Death, kill every villiger in the bar Thorns Aura - Shoot out thorns when hurt for any reason, including bumping your toe on the edge of Mystery Lake.
39 Minin' For Treasure In the Abandoned Mine in Remix mode, kill every monster in the mine. To do this, pick up the 4 keys and go through the mineshafts, but make sure you go to the centre one first, as it contains a 5th key. Once all the monsters are dead, go through the central mineshaft, and it should be right in front of you. Monster Regeneration - Monsters regenerate, making them harder to defeat.
40 Digitly Masterin' Earn the other 39 Badges! Farly Free Zone - Permantly gets rid of Farley!

If you still can't get whatever you're trying to get, look at the Loonyland cheats here


  • *Only applies when you start a new game.
  • **Only one "play-as" badge can be used at a time.

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