Kid Mystic
Big bosses with big tentacles.
Game: Kid Mystic
Release Date: 2005
Price: $4.95
Platform: PC and Mac
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Kid Mystic is a 2.5 Dimensional action/role-playing game produced by Mike Hommel of Hamumu Software. It is similar to Dr Lunatic in terms of basic gameplay. The player character has to travel through four chapters of adventure, picking up fire orbs and crystals (similar to the hammers and Pants of Power in Dr Lunatic) which he uses to fight magical enemies. The objective is to complete each level by collecting the magic orbs (the equivalent of brains in Dr Lunatic) and getting to the exit. However, it is different from Dr Lunatic in that Kid Mystic gains experience and power as he plays more levels, and his special attacks are magic spells which he can use at any time, if he has sufficient magic. There are random monster attacks in each of the chapters which serve to bolster Kid Mystic's experience. In addition, there are bonuses hidden in the levels: Fairies, which grant the player special powers and drawbacks; Spells, which can be used any time in levels to attack, heal, and other such things; and the Armageddon Sword, which is an extremely powerful weapon. There is one piece of it hidden in each chapter.


"When the evil Bobby Khan descended on the peaceful kingdom of Tulipton and stole all the Mystical Orbs, the king was overwhelmed. The orbs were needed to protect the kingdom from the marauding monsters (an unfortunate side effect of building your kingdom in the Monster Wilderness). So with every last knight battling the rampaging hordes, the king could spare only one wizard for a reckless mission to reclaim the lost orbs: Kid Mystic."



A spellbook.

Various spells can be learned by obtaining spell books. There are 18 spell books in all, at an average of four or five spellbooks per chapter. The 19th spell, Armageddon, can only be learned when you complete the Armageddon Sword. As there are only 10 'spell slots', nine of the spells learned are upgrades from previous spells.

  • Energy Barrage: Fires a single bullet that does one point of damage. Holding down the spell cast button results in a continuous stream of bullets.
  • Energy Storm: Fires a single bullet that does one point of damage in the eight compass directions. Holding down the spell cast button results in a continuous stream of bullets fired in the eight compass directions.
  • Dragon's Flame: Fires a small blast of napalm that can pass through several enemies and linger on walls before dissipating. Holding down the spell cast button results in a continuous stream of napalm.
  • Liquify: Fires three walls of flame that spread out from the caster. Holding down the spell cast button results in the spell being cast repeatedly.
  • Seeker Bolt: Launches a large bulbous red bolt that travels slowly from the caster for a second, then speeds up and heads for the nearest enemy. The bolt will explode after a short period of time, damaging any enemy near it. Holding down the spell cast button results in the spell being cast repeatedly.
  • Seeker Swarm: Similar to the Seeker Bolt spell, only that it launches three bolts.
  • Ice Blast: The caster conjures a wall of smoke that freezes most enemies that comes into contact with it. However, only certain enemies are affected, and enemies do not stay frozen indefinitely. In addition, no damage is done. Holding down the spell cast button results in the spell being cast repeatedly.
  • Ice Beam: The caster fires a large blue beam that can pierce through enemies and freeze them for a certain amount of time. Holding down the spell cast button results in the spell being cast repeatedly.
  • Inferno: The caster creates a chain of large explosions that circle him, severely damaging enemies caught in the blast radius. Holding down the spell cast button results in a continuous chain of explosions circling the caster.
  • Hyper Inferno: When this spell is cast, the area surrounding the caster is ignited and will burn for two seconds, after which the area surrounding the caster is filled with multiple explosions.
  • Summon Ptero: The caster summons a small pterodactyl which circles the player and attacks nearby enemies with a small, needle-like projectile that does minor damage. The pterodactyl has a limited amount of health and will dissipate when it takes sufficient damage. While holding down the spell cast button will summon multiple pterodactyls, no additional pterodactyls will be summoned if the monster limit in the level has been reached, although the effect and MP drain from casting the spell will still occur.
  • Summon Golem: The caster summons a Grumpy Golem in front of him. The Grumpy Golem follows the caster and attacks nearby enemies by pounding the ground with a single strike from its arm. Holding down the spell cast button results in the spell being cast repeatedly, but the pre-requisite is that there must be sufficient space (two horizontal tiles by two vertical tiles) directly in front of the caster in order for any more Grumpy Golems to be successfully summoned (and in the eGames version only, the MP drain from casting the spell will still occur even if no Grumpy Golem was successfully summoned). Also note that while summoned Grumpy Golems have much more health than pterodactyls, they will take damage even if they are not attacked.
  • Stoneskin: The caster conjures a coat of brown stone on himself, which nullifies some attacks. This stoneskin will only cast for a certain amount of time.
  • Steelskin: The caster conjures a coat of silver steel on himself, which nullifies most forms of attacks, save rock-based and some boss attacks.
  • Berserk: When used, it doubles the player's movement speed for a certain amount of time. Using the spell repeatedly extends the amount of time the caster is able to move at double speed.
  • Insane Rage: When used, it doubles the player's movement speed for a certain amount of time. In addition, the player leaves a short trail of flames when he moves, damaging any enemy behind him. Using the spell repeatedly extends the amount of time the caster is able to move at double speed.
  • Healing: Converts a set amount of mana points the player has into health. This spell cannot be used if the player does not have the required amount of mana points.
  • Life: Reduces a fixed amount of mana points the player has to restore him to full health. This spell cannot be used if the player does not have the required amount of mana points.
  • Armageddon: This spell can only be learned by collecting the four pieces of the Armageddon Sword. This spell has two variants depending on the version of Kid Mystic that is installed. In the eGames version, casting Armageddon causes the ground to ignite at random positions for approximately sixty seconds. In the Hamumu Software version, casting Armageddon causes several massive meteors to rain down on the entire screen for approximately fifteen seconds, each one exploding violently on impact with the ground and dealing huge amounts of damage to all enemies caught in the explosion. Both variants cause the ground to shake, making navigation a little harder. As this spell normally uses up the maximum amount of mana points available to the player in the game, it cannot be used in succession unless the player is using the Cheapy Fairy.

Other ModesEdit

After the game is completed, the player unlocks Madcap Mode, which is a harder version of the game. If the player finds all the special items (Spells, Fairies, and Armageddon Sword pieces) in normal or Madcap mode, he unlocks Challenge Mode, which involves playing all of the levels again, with special goals.

Hints and TipsEdit

Exclusive to the Hamumu Software versionEdit

  1. Most levels can be replayed as many times as you like once they are completed, and you will still retain the cash and experience obtained during each replay. You can thus opt to replay levels instead of looking for monster battles to level up or get more cash. Exceptions to this are the chapter boss levels as well as the four Guardian of the Tower levels in Chapter 3.
  2. When you have collected all the spellbooks and fairies, as well as the Armageddon Sword piece from each chapter, look out for Happy Stick monsters that wander around the overworld. Walking into them triggers a monster battle with that Happy Stick monster as the enemy. Happy Stick monsters give out huge amounts of cash when killed.
  3. You can smash Eensey Weensys by walking into them.
  4. Upon reaching the level cap of 50, XP you would gain from smashing monsters become coins. This makes smashing lots of monsters a viable money-making tactic if you are near or at the level cap.
  5. Grabby Fairy's coin-drawing ability stacks with the Magnetic Headband's coin-drawing ability, which can come in handy while collecting coins. The decreased XP gain that comes with Grabby Fairy's ability actually works in your favor as you will need to smash more monsters to level up, which in turn increases the amount of coins you would get from smashing monsters.
  6. As long as a Peeping Bomb does not spot you, you can walk right up to one and smash it without being hurt by its explosion (although the visual effect still remains the same).
  7. Haggly Fairy and Scary Fairy's effects are only useful in the overworld. If you are entering a monster encounter or level, you should consider switching to another fairy or disabling them completely (to reduce lag on lower-end computers).

Chapter 1Edit

  1. Mushy Hollow — This is a good level to gain lots of experience and cash. The fact that it is located right next to Beginnerton means that you can pay a quick visit to the Shop to buy equipment once you have secured the cash for them.
  2. Grassy Knoll — There is an Egg Sac on this level. It spews a lot of cash and gives a large amount of experience once it is smashed.
  3. The Grasslands — There are a few Egg Sacs on this level. Like the one in Grassy Knoll, each Egg Sac gives a considerable amount of experience and cash when smashed.
  4. The Bridge — Keep moving! The Octentacles will smack you up pretty badly with repeated hits en masse, but they are slow and go down quite fast if you already have the Oak Staff. If you see one come out of the water, move away so that you don't get slammed by it. Optimum Octon's ranged attack is dangerous, but only if you're standing in front of it; it can't fire diagonally. Against the tentacles, take potshots while moving to avoid their attacks. Against Optimum, shoot it diagonally. Seeker Bolts are useful as they do lots of damage and their slowness at lower levels is a non-issue as you're fighting Optimum up close. In addition, if you need a breather, there are a few narrow corridors of dirt that are placed just out of range of the Octentacles and protected by short stretches of grass walls. You can also abuse these little corridors to go FPS-style on Optimum, popping out of cover to take a few shots at it and ducking back into cover before its shots hit you. Finally, if you don't care about the meager XP you get for defeating each individual Octentacle, concentrate your attacks on Optimum; once it goes down, all surviving Octentacles go down with it.

Chapter 2Edit

  1. A Hidden Clearing — The Mucho Moss has a fairly large cash spew and gives lots of experience when killed.
  2. Spiders' Lair — There are eight Egg Sacs surrounding the walled-up level exit at the center of the map. Each gives a considerable amount of experience and cash when smashed. Alternatively, allow them to generate Eensy Weensies for you to squash. The Mama Spiders on the map also give lots of experience and have huge coin spews in addition to spawning lots of Eensy Weensys when they are defeated.
  3. Spooky Pass — You should prioritise either Rammy Gruff or Disgruntled Gruff as the first Gruff to smash. Disgruntled is extremely dangerous as its energy orbs take a long time to dissipate and do massive damage to you if you haven't already purchased the Steel Hat. Rammy is the only Gruff that continuously tracks you regardless of where you are on the map and its speed makes it dangerous as it can easily keep up with you even if you own the Air Lancelots. However, its speed also makes it a pushover if you trap it behind a rock, which makes it a theoretical cakewalk. Surefoot's shockwave attack is powerful, but it lacks a ranged attack (unlike Disgruntled) and doesn't track you if you stay far away from it (unlike Rammy), so it can be dealt with last.

Chapter 3Edit

  1. The Ballroom — This large level is essentially an open space filled with monsters. If you already have Richie Fairy, enable it so that the monsters drop more coins than usual. Richie Fairy's XP drain is negligible as there are so many monsters to smash.
  2. Whack-A-Zoid! — This level can be extremely easy if Cheapy Fairy is active and you are using Energy Storm as your active spell. Park yourself near the top of the map and fire lightly each time a Whackazoid emerges. Done correctly, you can easily nab upwards of 90 Whackazoids within the 1-minute time limit—more than enough to unlock all the prizes.
  3. Twisty Passages, All Alike — Watch out for a room with 4 Trapazoids. Even the Steel Hat won't protect you against their combined fire attacks for very long. They are also protected by the room's border walls, so you cannot just hit them with something like Seeker Bolt. To deal with them, use the Energy Storm and Inferno spells or find the Reflect Gem in the level to make your fireballs bounce off the walls and into them.
  4. The Vault — In the eGames version, when you open the vault for the first time, get the spellbook and give up (not complete) the level. Then, re-enter the level, re-open the vault and get the cash.
  5. The Keep — Casting Stoneskin or Steelskin will nullify the damage caused by The Lookey-Loo's death beam. You can also use Insane Rage and run right up against The Lookey-Loo. This will cause it to be burned for several rounds each time it opens its main eye.

Chapter 4Edit

  1. Armageddon Shrine — To finish Richie Lich off quickly, use Seeker Bolt or Seeker Swarm continuously. Having Cheapy Fairy active helps.
  2. Bobby Khan — If you have the Armageddon Sword finished, use the Armageddon spell against him. Hitting him with Seeker Bolt or Seeker Swarm when he isn't blocking with his shield also works quite well.

See alsoEdit

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