Kongor (referred to in-game as "KONGOR!!") is the boss of Pygmy Island in Dr. Lunatic with Expando Pak and Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese.

KONGOR!! (Dr L) Edit



Dr. Lunatic Monster
Dr. Lunatic
Name: KONGOR!!
HP: 400
Scan Text: (bby)Why does a giant ape look so much like a bear? Because I tried so hard to make a monkey face, and I just could not do it. He's another boss that poses no threat unless you are in front of him. Those fist pounds do cover quite a radius though. He should really only be used in very confined areas like the one you face him in in Pygmy Island, since not only is he harmless from behind, but he's also harmless at long rage, and can only move sideways! When he pounds his chest, it summons pygmies offscreen.
Category: Badguy/Animal/Boss
Recolored?: None
Miscellaneous Info: None

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