This article shows the locations of all the miscellaneous items that can be found in Sleepless Hollow. For Brain locations, see Brain Checklist. For Candles, see Candle Checklist.

Hammer LocationsEdit

See also: Hammer

1 - Sleepless Hollow - Top left - Your first hammer!

2 - Sleepy Woods - By Mr. Klein's Shop - Need Sparkthrower

To explain, you need to stand on the green tile and use the Sparkthrower to hit the lamp post to solve this.

Sleepy Woods Mr Klein shop outside Sparkthrower hammer

3 - Tomb of Bones - Path #2 - Need Bonecrusher

TOB Northwestern exit, 2, Hammer and candle
4 - Ghastly Graveyard - Above Tomb of Mirrors - Need Bonecrusher
Ghastly hammer need bonecrusher

5 - Tomb of Mirrors - In the middle of the water puzzle

Tomb of Mirror water puzzle Hammer-0

Location of the hammer in the Tomb of Mirrors

6 - Tomb of Din - The room with the 5 bats

7 - Tomb of Sparks - Hit the switch in the dark water blaster room

TOS dark water room hammer

8 - Tomb of Darkness - Top left corner of the tomb - Need a yellow key

TOD Darkness yellow door hammer

9 - Tomb of Flames - Set the clock to 7, Push the clock hand.

TOF clock 7 hammer

10 - Buy it from Mr. Klein!

Pants LocationsEdit

See also: Pants of Power

1 - Tomb of Mirrors - Far left side of tomb - Need the Lightreaver

Tomb of Mirrorslight far left pants and Brain

2 - Sleepless Inn - 2nd floor

Sleepy Woods

Sleepy Woods pants

3 - Sleepless Inn - 3rd floor - Need a yellow key

Sleepless inn Yellow key pants

4 - Brayka Lake - Solve the hammer puzzle - Top right corner of map,Flamebringer & Lightreaver.

Brayka Lake word puzzle

5 - The Dumb Side - Enter by the Tomb of Mirrors

TOM TDS pants

6 - Tomb of Bones - Your prize from solving the digging puzzle! Path #4. Code is 18.

TOB Room 4 number puzzle dig

7 - Yonder Barn - Get past the Extremely Mad Cows!!!

Yonder Barn candle and pants-0

8 - Tomb of Sparks - Push the 2 blocks located at the top of the tomb - Need Bonecrusher

TOS Bonecrusher push puzzle pants

9 - Tomb of Darkness - In the maze of insanity section where the Darkness monsters are - Need Earsplitter to light up the lamp behind the walls.

TOD Darkness earsplitter Pants

10 - Tomb of Flames - Set the clock to 2

TOF clock 2

11 - Tomb of Din - Hit secret wall tile south of where the Dumb Side portal is

TOD dumb side pants

Key LocationsEdit

Blue Key - Inside the Sleepless Inn - 2nd floor

Sleepless Inn Blue key

Red Key - Brayka Lake - Right side of map - Need Lightreaver

Brayka Lake Red key-0

Green Key - Sleepy Woods - Bottom center of the map - Light the Lazybones on fire with the Flamebringer and cross the water.

SH Green Key location

Location of the Green Key.

Yellow key #1 - Tomb of Sparks - Just right of the entrance - Need Sparkthrower or setting a Shocking Horror on fire with the Flamebringer and getting it to hover over the light coil to be lit.
TOS Yellow Key puzzle

Yellow key #2 - Tomb of Mirrors - Solve the Pumpkin lock - Need Earsplitter

First get yellow key, then use Earsplitter on Boomkins

You could try using the Planetsmasher to attract the pumpkins onto their respective switch positions, then go into the room,which would unlock the room and turn them into Boomkins.

TOM Yellow key ACME pumpkin lock

Yellow key #3 - Tomb of Flames - Set the clock to 10 and use the Bonecrusher to have your friend hit it to 11 - Need Bonecrusher, of course

TOF Clock 11 room yellow key

Yellow key #4 - Tomb of Bones - Path #5, Change the tiles in the puzzle room to resemble a 5. (Beware there's a fiery Big Head Rod enemy awaiting in this room)

TOB Tile switch room 5

Yellow Door LocationsEdit

1 - Sleepless Inn - 3rd floor

2 - Tomb of Darkness - Top left corner

TOD yellow door

3 - Tomb of Din - After the 10 bats puzzle

4 - Tomb of Flames - Inside of the green key section

TOF yellow door