Dr. Lunatic World
Name: Icy Mountain
Author: Jamul
Release Date: 5th May 2000
Requires: Base
Filename: icymountain.dlw

Icy Mountain is a Dr. Lunatic world made by Jamul. It is part of the original game, as well as Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese, appearing in updated ("supremized") form in the latter.

Being one of the original five worlds (the others being Spooky Forest, Dusty Desert, Cavernous Caves and the Crazy Asylum of Madness), it is part of the world selection globe in the original game and does not have to be accessed via selecting "Custom World". Beating it is a requirement to access the Crazy Asylum of Madness in the original game. In Supreme With Cheese, Icy Mountain is one of the worlds selectable from the start, but is no different from other worlds in terms of significance.

In Supreme With Cheese, the Icy Mountain world is unique for periodically changing between daytime and nighttime, allowing the player to access different levels depending on the time of the day, with each daytime level having a nighttime counterpart.


Icy Mountain contains the following levels:

Name Description SWC only? Time of day
Brain Freeze Level with Brains hidden behind trees. Not in SWC N/A
Pengulomania Small level with many Pengulons. No Daytime
Pengulomatrix Small level with an assimilative Pengulon. Yes Nighttime
Seems Simple Enough Small maze with Cryozoids. No Daytime
Seems Hard Enough Small maze with cannibalistic Pygmies. Yes Nighttime
Toes Going Numb... Small icy level featuring a Candle pattern. No Daytime
Nose Gonna Run... Small icy level featuring an Autozoid trio. Yes Nighttime
Whack-A-Zoid Small level filled with Cryozoids. No Daytime
Wacky Zoids Small level featuring teleporting Zoids. Yes Nighttime
Seal Hunt Level divided into four parts in which the player hunts SEALs. No Daytime
Seals, Hunt! Stealth level divided into four parts in which the player evades SEALs. Yes Nighttime
The Rink Level resembling an ice rink. No Daytime
The Rink After Hours Level resembling an ice rink that has closed for the day. No Nighttime
I-Did-A-Ride Drive through a dense forest in the day. Yes Daytime
I-Didn't-Ride Walk through a dense forest in the night. Yes Nighttime
North Pygmyton Level with Pygmies living in igloos. No Daytime
Still North Pygmyton 1-health Stealth level with Pygmies living in igloos. Yes Nighttime
Death Capades Icy level with a single Super Zombie miniboss. No Daytime
Ice Parades Icy level with a long bunny path. Yes Nighttime
The Tundra Large obstacle-free level with many monsters and no walls. No Daytime
Undra The Tundra Large Underwater level with many monsters and no walls. Yes Nighttime
Cold Storage Level divided into small, locked rooms that can be reached via a twisting path of partly breaking ice. No Daytime
Mold Porridge Level divided into small, locked rooms separated by huge watery gaps in a twisted path of broken ice. Yes Nighttime
Pumpkins On Ice Keychain level with PUMPKIN!s in a small icy room. No Daytime
Pumpkins Aren't Nice Keychain level with Pumpkin and Boomkin Patches in a small icy room. Yes Nighttime
Lair Of The Yeti Brothers Sven and Bjorn boss level. No Daytime
The Other Brother Olaf boss level. Yes Nighttime
The North Pole Secret level with Santa Claus. No Daytime
The South Pole Secret level in complete darkness. Yes Nighttime

In Supreme With Cheese, all levels have been updated to take advantage of the new features in the game.


See also: Keychain

Secret LevelsEdit

The entrance to The North Pole is beside the rest station in I-Did-A-Ride. Get off the You-Go and find a secret passage to get there.

The entrance to The South Pole is in the bottom right of Undra The Tundra. Walk through a secret passage in the wall to get there.