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March 1998   HistoryTop Mike quits his job and begins developing Dr. Lunatic at home as a modern sequel to his 1993 SPISPOPD game.
July 1998   HistoryArrow Hamumu Software officially registered in San Luis Obispo, CA.
October 1998   HistoryArrow Development begins on Eddie Galaxy for eGames (Finished, Dr. Lunatic is gathering dust).
December 1998   HistoryArrow eGames likes Dr. Lunatic, sort of. So Spooky Castle is created for their bundles. Eddie Galaxy is also finished.
January 1999   HistoryArrow Amazin' SPISPOPD is written.
February 1999   HistoryArrow Production begins on Kid Mystic, again because eGames kinda liked Dr. Lunatic, but not quite.
March 1999   HistoryArrow Eddie Galaxy is released by eGames. For this year and the next, many bundles with Spooky Castle on them are released.
August 1999   HistoryArrow Kid Mystic is released by eGames.
July 1999   HistoryArrow We release Amazin' SPISPOPD ourselves. Our first self-published game!
October 1999   HistoryArrow Hamumu Software relocates to San Diego, CA. Work resumes on Dr. Lunatic, including creating the Expando-Pak.
May 2000   HistoryArrow Dr. Lunatic and Expando-Pak are finally released!
June 2000   HistoryArrow Work begins on SpaceBoy, which becomes Sol Hunt after a few months.
September 2000   HistoryArrow Hamumu Software relocates to another part of San Diego.
October 2000   HistoryArrow Loonyland is begun, with the plan of being a quick Halloween game...
March 2001   HistoryArrow Loonyland is released, only 5 months later!
May 2001   HistoryArrow Sol Hunt rests on the back burner, as Stockboy begins production.
July 2001   HistoryArrow The Fun Pack for Dr. Lunatic is created to amuse Dr. L fans.
October 2001   HistoryArrow Hamumu Software relocates yet again, to Temecula. We'll stay here for a while.
November 2001   HistoryArrow Dr. Lunatic is distributed via Pay-Per-Use by Softfamily in Korea.
June 2002   HistoryArrow Stockboy and XOP are both released! XOP is our first externally developed game.
October 2002   HistoryArrow Pumpkin Pop is secretly developed and quickly released as a Halloween surprise!
August 2003   HistoryArrow The website is totally overhauled, and we begin handling orders directly ourselves.
September 2003   HistoryArrow Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese is released.
October 2003   HistoryArrow Development of Grimbelina (working title) is begun.
January 2004   HistoryArrow Development of Grimbelina is viciously interrupted by development of yet another version of Sol Hunt.
May 2004   HistoryArrow Spooky Castle is released as a freebie game.
May 2004   HistoryArrow Loonyland is patched with new merit badges, characters, game modes, and areas, tons more gameplay added!
June 2004   HistoryArrow Eddie Galaxy is re-released by Hamumu for direct sales!
July 2004   HistoryArrow We release Dungeon Scroll, developed by Robinson Technologies.
August 2004   HistoryArrow We release Derelict, developed by Laughing Dragon Games (with artwork by Hamumu!).
October 2004   HistoryArrow Kid Mystic is re-released by Hamumu, with lots of major enhancements!
January 2005   HistoryArrow Another attempt at Sol Hunt, this time in multiplayer form.
February 2005   HistoryArrow Pumpkin Pop for the Macintosh is released, our first Mac offering.
May 2005   HistoryArrow Work begins on Super Happy Go Go Ninja Time (sorry again, Sol!).
June 2005   HistoryArrow Hamumu Software moves to Anza, California, out in the desert with dial-up internet.
July 2005   HistoryArrow Another huge Supreme patch, adding new monster 'editing' features is here.
July 2005   HistoryArrow Loonyland for the Macintosh is released at long last!
October 2005   HistoryArrow Dumb: The Game is released.
December 2005   HistoryArrow Loonyland 2 begins its long long production.
January 2006   HistoryArrow Kid Mystic is released for the Mac.
December 2006   HistoryArrow Loonyland 2 pre-orders are available.
February 2007   HistoryArrow Loonyland 2: Winter Woods is released, and we upgrade to 'fabulous' satellite internet!
April 2007   HistoryArrow Medusa's Lament is the result of Ludum Dare #9.
April 2007   HistoryArrow Moon Invaders is released.
May 2007   HistoryArrow Loonyland 2 Collector's Edition is released.
June 2007   HistoryArrow Loonyland: Titan Tunnels is under development, as is a major website upgrade.
August 2007   HistoryArrow XOP is no longer available for sale - you can get it free instead!
September 2007   HistoryArrow Work secretly begins on Sleepless Hollow.
October 2007   HistoryArrow The new website is released, with Dumb Accounts!
October 2007   HistoryArrow Sleepless Hollow is released as a Halloween Surprise!
October 2007   HistoryArrow The webgame Dumbwords is released.
November 2007   HistoryArrow The webgame T.A.G. is released.
November 2007   HistoryArrow Work begins on the next Adventure Of Bouapha.
December 2007   HistoryArrow Ludum Dare 48-Hour contest #10 results in Short Fuse.
February 2008   HistoryArrow Maze Of Ludicrosity webgame is released.
April 2008   HistoryArrow Still Pond is released, like a leaf falling on shimmering water.
August 2008   HistoryArrow Rise Of The Owls is released, a Ludum Dare #12 entry.
August 2008   HistoryArrow Hamumu makes an appearance at the PAX conference in Seattle.
October 2008   HistoryArrow Ninja Kitty vs. The Nukebots is the result of Mini-LD#4.
October 2008   HistoryArrow Costume Party is released! A Halloween surprise!
December 2008   HistoryArrow Costume Party Winter Pack is released.
January 2009   HistoryArrow Costume Party Dumb Pack is released.
March 2009   HistoryArrow Behind The Dumb begins, chronicling the development of Loonyland Tactics.
May 2009   HistoryArrow A wee little hiatus in Behind The Dumb as the Hamumu website is massively overhauled.
October 2009   HistoryArrow Costume Party Fantasy Pack is released! A Halloween surprise!
November 2009   HistoryArrow The Hamumu Clubhouse is born!
December 2009   HistoryArrow Robot Wants Kitty is released, a Ludum Dare #16 entry.
March 2010   HistoryArrow Robot Wants Kitty is updated and re-released on Flash sites.
April 2010   HistoryArrow Infinite Deadly Islands Of Terror is released, a Ludum Dare #17 entry.
May 2010   HistoryArrow Robot Wants Puppy is released, a sequel!
July 2010   HistoryArrow Flash falls on a Still Pond.
July 2010   HistoryArrow Two Roads is ported to Flash for all to enjoy.
August 2010   HistoryArrow Robot Wants Fishy is released!
September 2010   HistoryArrow Still Pond is released on the iPhone by
September 2010   HistoryArrow Robot Wants Ice Cream is released! The series is complete!
November 2010   HistoryArrow The "Robot Wants" banner game is created and shown on
December 2010   HistoryArrow Mad Planet is released on the site.
December 2010   HistoryArrow Zoobedoo is released, a Ludum Dare #19 entry.
January 2011   HistoryArrow Eddie's Lament, a sponsored Flash game for Dead Frontier is released.
March 2011   HistoryArrow Robot Wants Kitty is released for the iPhone!
March 2011   HistoryArrow Pedro And The 100-Year Quest is released on
April 2011   HistoryArrow Still Pond is released for the Blackberry Playbook.
July 2011   HistoryArrow Mia's Happy Day is released.
August 2011   HistoryArrow Ollie Goes To Town is released on
September 2011   HistoryArrow Pedro And The Pearls of Peril is released on
October 2011   HistoryArrow Pee Wee's Nightmare is released on
October 2011   HistoryArrow For the Best Halloween Ever, a very long-awaited update to Dr. Lunatic was released!
April 2012   HistoryArrow Scouts Vs. Aliens is released on
June 2012   HistoryArrow Pedro Kicks Back is released on
June 2012   HistoryArrow Supreme With Cheese v8.0 is finally here... in beta, at least.
June 2012   HistoryBottom NPC Quest 2 for iOS and other platforms begins development.

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