Haunted House
Name: Haunted House
Author: Kool Kat Bad
Release Date: Unknown
Requires: Supreme
Filename: HauntedH.dlw
Haunted House guides

A world that was made by Kool Kat Bad that came packaged in Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese, unlocked by purchasing it from Bones,Bats & Beyond.

Note: I have searched around in this world and found no trace of any Key of Lunacy to be earned in this world.

Monster Maze Edit

Monster Maze

Just the usual routine for maze levels, you know the drill.

Darkness Edit

Just mash the Zombies, grab the Candles and Brains and leave.

Operation Impending Doom Edit

(Remember to grab the Candles first)

Ok, this is a bit of a tricky level,your objective here is to kill the Stan Glass in the room,but the said room is full of Doom Bunnies!

So, what you do, is first grab all the firepower,then the Energy Barrier near Stan Glass, then mash Stan Glass as fast as you can while on the Energy Barrier to end the leave.

The Room of Mush Edit

Grab the Particle Accelerator, then quickly grab all the firepower and run to a safe spot where the 5 Mush The Shrooms cant hurt or corner you so much, then pelt them from there until they are dead.

Who turned the lights out? Edit

Just mash the Boneheads, grab the Brains and Candles by going through the top right corner and leave.

Hall of Havoc Edit

Just grab the firepower,mash the badguys and grab the Candles and leave.

For the Secret level entrance to Lava Land, it's tile behind the 3 flamers.

Lava Land (Secret Level) Edit

This is one particular level i recommend cheating to clear, because it's so complex and punishing for failure,along with the fact it's a very long level.

Scary Woods (Hammer Keychain) Edit

As the message at the start tells you, you have to mash the Egg Sacs, just beware of the Mush The Shroom lurking around.

Remember to go near the lit lone tree to open the path to the Hammer Keychain to the northeast part of the map

Spider Hunt (Rocket Keychain) Edit

It's a crazy level where you have to hunt a single Eeensy Weensy while having to contend with multiple bosses and tough enemies on your trail.

The Rocket Keychain is in a mini enclosure guarded by a Mechabouapha with a Cacton inside.

The Haunted Cave (Pumpkin Keychain) Edit

It's a level where you have to fight several Ghosts and Richie Liches with limited firepower.It's doable with enough skills.

For the Pumpkin Keychain, it only spawns here when you have mashed all the Ghosts in the level.

The Haunted Cave Pumpkin Keychain

Dangerous Terrain (Squash Keychain) Edit

Just mash the Boneheads, grab the Candles and leave. your step.

The Squash Keychain is here.

Dangerous terrain squash keychain

Mossy Meadow Edit

Just grab the firepower,mash the Moss and grab the Candles and leave.

The Mummy's Curse Edit

Pretty much still the same routine of mashing badguys and bosses,grabbing keys and Candles before you go home.

Waterworld Edit

Another level i recommend cheating to finish, as it is a water level in the darkness unarmed and with little space for error.

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