The Happy Stick family is a group of badly drawn stick monsters. The original Happy Stick Man appeared in a game called Mucho Kombat. Jamul liked it so much he made a Happy Stick as a secret monster for almost every major Hamumu game.

Happy Stick Man Edit

Main Article: Happy Stick Man
A miniboss and playable character in Dr. Lunatic, originally coming from the never-released game Mucho Kombat.

Happy Stick Witch Edit

A boss and a playable character in Loonyland: Halloween Hill.

Happy Stick Boy Edit

A playable character in Stockboy.

Happy Stick Shroom, Spider, Corpse, and Bat Edit

These Happy Sticks appear in Kid Mystic as secret enemies.

Happy Stick DancersEdit

Just Happy Stick Corpses really. Appear when you win Madcap mode in Kid Mystic.

Happy Stick Bird Edit

A boss in Loonyland 2: Winter Woods.

Happy Stick Tree Edit

The Happy Stick in Sleepless Hollow.

Happy Stick Ninja Edit

A playable character in Hitsuji: Shears of Fury and Costume Party with the Costume Party Dumb Pack installed.

Happy Stick in Loonyland games Edit

the happy stick monsters in the Loonyland games are part of the Happy Stick Continuum. meaning that both happy sticks bird and witch were part of the same being. any other happy stick in a non-loonyland game has nothing to do with this series. it is also unknown as to what happy stick came from or what their goals are, all we know is that the happy sticks from the other games have nothing to do with this, so we can safely assume that happy stick was wiped out somehow.

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