Hamumu Clubhouse is the fourth version of Hamumu's website. It creates a more Facebook-like feel, and adds Awesomeness bars. It is currently "in a beta state, like everything Google ever does."

The site is divided into 5 main sections, adding "Forum" and "My Stuff" as sections and removing "Help" since the first Dumb Account incarnation:

HamChat Edit

Hamumu Clubhouse also introduced HamChat, a chatroom written in Flash that lives on the bottom of every page, which users are always logged in to.

Yerfbucks Edit

Yerfbucks an integral part of Hamumu Clubhouse. They are a special Hamumu currency equivalent to 1 cent, and can be spent on various activites including Dumboscopes. They can also be exchanged between users and spent towards the purchase of Hamumu games.

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