Combat Puzzles Quality Fun Difficulty
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Once again, Mike has made a brilliantly fun yet challenging world. In HH6, he has put together a world composed of strategic, stealth and combat levels. Most having a story base.

The Temple Of Shroom – Combat – Mush The Shroom has created a generator that turns Buddy Bunnies into Shrooms. You need to collect 30 sticks of dynamite to destroy the generator, and escape the temple before it collapses.

Tower Of Terror – Stealth – You need to climb the tower to collect the brains, and then make your way back down again. But beware, there are Patrollers everywhere, and you only have limited health.

Tales from the Basement – Strategy/ Combat – Collect different stories from the basement and complete them. You will earn brains and candles along the way. This level if good because you get to chose the order in which you play the stories.

Hide and go EEK! – Strategy – You have the EEKups and there is a ghost looking for you. Quickly find a place to hide. But beware, every time you EEK, the ghost heads your way.

Trick Or Trapped – Strategy – You need to be good at quick clicking for this level. Your No. 1 fan is holding you captive, and you need to keep her entertained by successfully completing magic tricks until Bouapha arrives. Otherwise, you’re dead.

Dr. Lunatic’s Costume Party – Strategy/ Stealth – You are sneaking into Dr. Lunatic’s mansion, but you need to keep switching costumes so as to not get killed by his henchmen.

The Weakest Lich – Combat – Had Dr. Lunatic finally beaten you? You should have known that it was a trap. Anyway, you will need to kill plenty of monsters to replenish your strength.

20,000 Monsters Under The Bed – Strategy/ Combat – There are 20,000 monsters under your bed and you can’t get to sleep until they are gone. You also gain levels, with each level; you chose an item to power-up. You have to strategize to survive the hordes of increasingly powerful monsters.

Dawn of the Dumb – Strategy/ Combat - The SPISmall has been taken over by zombies! Collect some money to buy weapons and other goods to destroy all the zombies and save the SPISmall.

Reviewed by: WackieWatty

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