Grabby Gnome

Dr. Lunatic Monster
Dr. Lunatic
Name: Grabby Gnome
HP: 15
Scan Text: The most fun of all enemies! These guys try to steal Bouapha's weapons. They can take Pants, Hammers, Sproingy Springs, or Reverse Hammers. Each Gnome can only hold one item, and once he has one, he will do his best to run away from Bouapha with it. If Bouapha has no hammers, the Gnomes simply smack him with their tiny sticks. When a Gnome is beaten, it drops whatever it had stolen. I love these guys, they make the game fun. They also have cute noises.
Category: Badguy/Human/Pygmy/Wacky
Recolored?: Green UltraPygmy
Miscellaneous Info: None

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