Dust Devil

Dr. Lunatic Monster
Dr. Lunatic
Name: Dust Devil
HP: 600
Scan Text: When using a Dust Devil in your level, remember that the range of its sucking is infinite. So don't assume that you can have the player in one room and the Devil in another, and the player will not be sucked in. Because of this, they can be hard to use in a level design. It's actually always possible to move away from the Dust Devil, no matter how much suction it's applying. It's just a matter of finding the right angle to move at.
Category: Badguy/Mini-Boss/Wacky/Desert
Recolored?: None
Miscellaneous Info: Sucks you towards it, but can be resisted if you pull away in the right direction. If you get too close, the Dust Devil will attack you with its trident and temporarily stop sucking you in (Possibly forgetting to suck you in).

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